BeMidbar by Pastor David Mathews

Numbers 1: 1 – 4:20.

I.       This book’s title in English, ‘Numbers’, seems a contradiction to its’ Hebrew name, BeMidbar, simply because we’ve been taught to disassociate the two; numbers and letters. However, in Hebrew each letter is a number, their message is both consistent and therefore even more comprehensive! The book is replete with numerals, hence the focus in English – but, if what we postulate is true – then these same numerals enhance the message. So let’s start with some numbers and see if this ‘adds up’ (sarcasm mine). 

In this first verse (Numbers 1:1) we have 70 letters. 70 is the gematria of the Hebrew letter Ayin, the Eye, to see or perceive. It can infer a well, fountain or womb. 70 is also the value of #5475, סוד cowd, counsel, confidentiality, the hidden things of YHVH. It is used in Ps. 25: 14, The secret of the LORD [is] with them that fear him; and he will shew them his covenant. Here, it seems if you fear (To hold in reverence or awe) YHVH He will shew – Yada – to know as a Husband knows his wife – the Covenant. Don’t forget, 70 souls of Jacob went down into Egypt, thus Jacob/Israel represents the Eye/Gate/Womb, the Fountain of YHVH in the earth that is being brought to a place of restoration, the wells unstopped, so that Living Water can flow freely from it. 

Now, from our study of the number 70 we know it can hint at a well, a fountain and/or an EYE, which is the gate of the body. *Note how YHVH connects these two in Nehemiah 3: 15 (Remember Nehemiah is charged with rebuilding the walls & gates of Jerusalem). Jerusalem, #3389, ירושלם Yĕruwshalaim, is a compound word. The Yod-Resh root, can infer a River, while Salem means peace. Thus, it was known as the source of – The Rivers (Living Waters) of Peace! 

Here we see Jerusalem’s Fountain Gate, its’ Ayin – Eye or womb, being repaired by שלון Shalluwn, #7968, retribution, recompense or reward, who was the son of Colhozeh, #3626, חזה- כל, Kol Chozeh, which is translated, ‘All – Seeing’, to literally see or perceive. Hmmm? The Eye-Gate, womb was therefore repaired, restored as a result of the reward for Seeing and Perceiving the All – Seeing One! Now we understand how the All – Seeing Eye (Zech. 4:10 The Eyes of YHVH run to and fro through the whole earth) became the object of worship even among the Pagans, yet YHVH was first the All Seeing Eye! By the way, Kol Chozeh has a value of 70! The eyes are filled with water and a well or fountain represents an eye of water in the ground. Therefore, Israel was destined to be the Eye – Well – Fountain of Living Water in the earth fulfilling Is. 12: 3! Curiously, the phrase “Eyes of the Lord” (YHVH) is mentioned 22 times in the Bible. Connecting us to the Alef-Bet, the Living Water of His Word! 

How appropriate that Israel who had become a dry, barren Well-womb-eye, is now found in a Wilderness place commonly assumed to be itself barren and without water, yet the Hebrew phrase for Wilderness says something else entirely

Let’s look:


II.      בְּמִדְבַּר, as we dissect this phrase, the preposition Bet – ‘in’ has to be set aside. This leaves us with a Mem-Prefix which means chaos, the source of origin, waters and/or a womb. (Another connection to a ‘gate’) what remains is the root Dalet-Bet-Resh, dabar – translated as word or speech! YHVH carries His barren – dry well or fountain Bride to a place where the womb or source of Word – The Fountain of Living Water began and allows them to draw Water from this well of Salvation – Yahshua! Is. 12: 3 once more! 

What happens here to confirm this in the English text? YHVH has Moshe to COUNT THE NUMBER OF ISRAEL! Ironically, we see this happening again during the execution of Messiah who is offered outside the gate (At its’ opening – womb – eye) known as the Miphqad Gate, where the Red Heifer is sacrificed to atone for the unclean condition resulting from contact with a corpse. The root of Miphqad is #6485, פקד paqad, to number (Num. 1:3). It was the place of the Poll tax – the place where the census was taken! Incidentally, the Red Heifer ashes were mixed with water and a crimson cloth with hyssop used to sprinkle the applicant. This same Red Heifer would have had its’ blood also sprinkled toward the gate. Fittingly, Yahshua has His blood sprinkled, water flows from His side, and His flesh dies. By the way, the word for ashes, #665, אפר ‘epher, is etymologically the same as the word for dust, aphar, that which the flesh returns to. It should come as no surprise that the numeric values of this title BeMidbar which equals 248 is the same as that of אברהם ‘Abraham. Abraham, the Father of Many Nations was a shadow picture of YHVH who is the Father of Nations. While here, look at the word many, #1995, המון hamown, to roar, a tumult of sound. It is from hamah which is where we get our English word hum – the sound of Bees – which in Hebrew is #1682, דבורה dĕbowrah, *NOTE this root – Dabar – Word, with the feminine Hey suffix indicating to be able to conceive. How ironic that Israel is brought into the Midbar, the womb of the dabar, is it possible that the Wilderness hummed with the sound of His Word! In Gen. 1: 2 we see the Ruach who hovered – trembled, vibrated over the deep, #8415, תהום tĕhowm, deep, LIVING WATERS! The Tav prefix indicates a future tense, 3rd person, she will, he will. The root stem is the same Hey – Mem, to hum to vibrate with sound! Abraham became the Father of those Nations who hummed – vibrated with the sound of the Hebrew Torah! 

The number 248 is fascinating. It is also the value of chamar, which infers to boil up, to foam, to be troubled, as in waters (the womb?). It is also the value of #7358, rehem, which means, womb, or belly, the place where a fetus develops and exits at birth. 

I found it fascinating in Numbers 1: 18 that the Congregation came together to declare their PEDIGREES, #3205, ילד yalad, to beget, to bring forth as a child. They assembled to declare who their Father was/is! Isn’t that a picture of our Sabbath Worship?!! Who appropriate to see the gematria of this word – 44 – the same as the Hebrew word for blood, DAM! Dalet-Mem, the two letter root of the promise of YHVH to duplicate Himself in the earth – ADAM – (Alef = I Will) Blood you! I will determine your blood type! YHVH brings His Bride into the wilderness – the Womb of the Daber, in order to give her His Name and thus change the Blood of their children.

More about those numbers 

III.     Numbers 1:46 tells us of the 11 tribes numbered (Levi is not) the tally is: 603,550. If we add the value of these numbers the total is 19, the same as: #2332, חוה Chavvah, Eve, translated, “living, to make alive”, the wombed Adam! It is from #2331, chavah, to announce, to tell, to explain, reveal, display! She becomes the One who will reveal and display this “numbering”! Israel here functions as EVE! It is quite fascinating that on another occasion after 40 years in the wilderness, they are numbered again, this time the count is 601,730. If we subtract this from our first count, the balance is 1820, the exact number of times we see the NAME – YHVH in Torah. Remember the Father of Nations – Abraham and the value of his name? 248 – Well there are 248 columns in each Torah scroll! To add further intrigue, we know there were originally 70 souls of Jacob/Israel who went down into Egypt which was a symbol of the Womb of the Flesh – the Fallen Bride. We also know the Value of Yahweh’s Name (YHVH = 26. 70×26 = 1820. The 70 souls multiplied by YHVH – 26! 

Since we started with this number 70 its’ profound significance is not lost on us! The gematria of the phrase ‘Adam & Eve’ – Adam v’ Chavah = 70. This UNION expanded into the 70 who go down into Egypt. As they exit with their Husband/Adam/Yahshua, we immediately see the dividing of the Sea(s), which is consistent with Gen. 1 where we see the phrase ‘it was so’, וַֽיְהִי־כֵֽן V’yehi Chen, on six different occasions connected with the separation of the waters, light and darkness, the seas and dry land and evening and morning. The gematria of Chen, Kaf-Nun = 70! Thus the instrument of division, which causes light and darkness to separate etc., is V’yehi Chen “It was 70”! Incidentally, here in Numbers there are 11 tribes counted – 11 is the number of division. 

The pattern of creating a UNION out of the Man and Woman, in order to produce seed is inherently connected to this number 70. For instance; In Gen. 1:14 YHVH creates Male, #2145, זכר zakar, remembrance, to record, to mark for remembrance & Female, #5347, נקבה nĕqebah, to hollow out, excavate (mine for treasure) to pierce through or perforate (remember Mary was told she would be pierced Luke 2:35) to distinguish or separate. In order to separate items they must have been ONE beforehand. Ironically, the female is literally pierced – penetrated with the sword of the word. Hence, the necessity for Yahshua to also be pierced. *Note the difference between the values of Zakar (227) & Neqebah (157) = 70! Once again the pattern continues: Yahshua (The Ayin -70, well of Salvation) goes down into Egypt – the Womb of the World – the womb of Mary, who also became the Ayin – 70, womb or fountain from which Yahshua – Salvation was drawn. Both wombs – Ayin (70) fountains, wells are pierced – penetrated in order to Number, take the sum, Nasa, #5375, נשא nasa’, to lift up – The Hebrew language reveals that it is far more than counting heads; rather, YHVH is telling Moshe to RAISE their heads! Lk. 21: 28 …lift up your head your redemption draws nigh… This has been the plan from the beginning of Creation! Yahshua is counted or reckoned as The Son, so that we could be reckoned or counted as sons! This Counting – Numbering restores us to Covenant, #1285, ברית bĕriyth, (612) only if we have been separated from Egypt, darkness, been pierced by His Word, thus becoming Hebrews, #5680,   תעברי `Ibriyt, to cross over, be separate. (682) subtract them and you have 70! 70 – Like Israel, represents that water drawn from the well, which would give drink to the Nations! Most scholars believe there were originally 70 nations represented at Babel who would need the Living Water of Salvation. We see further confirmation in Ex. 15: 27 where we have at Elim (#362, אילם ‘Eylim, ayil, a Ram, longed lived or covenant tree) 12 wells that water the 70 palms! 

As we fast forward to our day, we see Jerusalem as a stopped up well, though Judah still has a trickle of water issuing from it and we see the Counterfeit of the All Seeing Eye – the Illuminati – the spawn of Lucifer – masquerading as the Source of Light/Water. This well must be restored and will be but, only after it is Divided, True Light separated from darkness and the 70 – the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel Returns!