Prophecy Club Update

Hello Torah Fans! I wanted to give you a quick update regarding our recent trip to Dallas, TX. and the Prophecy Club! Boy did we have a great event! There were many who heard the Word at a depth they had never plumbed. We jumped neck deep into the Rainbow …

Mishpatim by Manuel Chavarria

Click below to access the powerpoint that goes along with these teaching!  CD’s can also be purchased for $10 in the marketplace! Mishpatim

Check it out!

Check out our new additions to the marketplace – Hebraica! Materials related to the Hebrew faith – now posted Manna from Heaven T-Shirts and coming soon tzit tzits, shofars, jewelry, and more! Stay tuned!

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As a Messianic congregation, having also an upbringing in the western church community, we want to welcome those visitors to our website who may also be currently members of either the gentile church or the orthodox assembly. To those who are new, we will be using the Hebrew names of …