Chag Purim Sameach!

Happy Purim from the Manna Crew!  

This festival is probably one of the most controversial with many in the Hebrew Roots denying it’s legitimacy.  Yet Purim also contains some of the most profound shadow pictures of where we are today!  It’s the festival of the exiles!  Our Purim thought this year can be summed up in the phrase Hester Panim – the Hidden Face of Yahweh….the world today has seemed to go crazy.  There’s violence, death, and disaster everywhere you look.  And the main mantra of both unbelievers and believers is “WHERE IS GOD???!!!”  Purim answers that question…there will be a time when He will hide His face from us because of our own choices as a society.  Yet even in the midst of that hiding, if we’ll diligently seek for Him and listen with intent for His still small voice, you’ll see He’s never left us.  He’s still there….moving and delivering with a plan outside of our finite thinking.

As you prepare for your Purim festivities, we hope you enjoy our compilation of past Purim MannaBites & Teachings just for you!

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Esther and Purim

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Purim the great conspiracy!