Did We Expect Him to Come So Soon?

The ranks have been lately thinning out,
Those fallen are being removed.
This must be what the Prophets spoke about
Did we expect Him to come so soon?

Have we served our best or just getting’ by?
Kept Him confined within our homes.
Or, is that fire of Jeremiah
Still burning within our homes?

For in these days, the scoffers claim,
We’re singing the same old tune.
Yet, the world travails in birthing pains,
Did we expect Him to come so soon?

Will we be the ones to demonstrate
What He meant by “Living Stones”
Or fail to fuel, for lack of faith,
That fire within our bones?

Will we worship Him with word and deed?
Or, by our actions let the world assume
That through compromise and complacency 
We didn’t expect Him to come so soon!

By Pastor David Mathews