Double Portion Manna

Dear Friends, many of you are well-informed regarding current events and are fully aware of the magnitude of the consequences of the conflict occurring in Israel as we speak. Additionally, the Signs in the Stellar luminaries like the ‘Tetrad Moons’ have many prognosticators scratching their heads as we sort through history for something to compare as a benchmark for future direction. Frankly, I’m just not sure what is next on the calendar of YHVH! There is however, one powerful, prophetic sign earmarking the day in which we live like no other! What is it you ask?


As a clue, out of its’ womb the Messianic – Hebrew Roots movements were born. If you answered “A Return to Torah” you my friend are ahead of the class! Certainly, no other generation has been privileged with access to the unveiling or ‘revealing’ of the Truth like this one! It is this massive Revelation of His Word known in Torah as the Double Portion of Manna (Ex. 16: 22) that is as we speak, defining those who are, by their obedience to gather, proving if they will walk in His Torah or not! We are in the 6th day! The heat is coming when no man may gather. Now, let’s take a look at the unsettling difference between those who gathered regularly the daily rate the previous 5 days and those who gathered the double-amount of this 6th day:


First of all, we must acknowledge that we’re facing the End Day(s) as immense difficulty looms to challenge us regarding how we will ‘walk’ out this Torah we’re gathering. It is my considered opinion the ‘gathering’ will determine whether we have His Presence in the camp and the resultant security He provided, that we may stand in the face of mounting opposition from the Son of Perdition and his minions. If so, the Leader worth his salt must admonish the gleaners back to the field, we cannot abide indifference. To tolerate those who skip among the tulips looking for the superficial, watered-down pabulum that has identified our powerless generation is to invite the invader into the camp! There are many who complain that gathering the extra amount is simply too hard, we can’t abide a ‘meaty word’, it is really not needed, so we settle for teaching the milk to the Newcomers who are already unsettled in their spirit else they would not be leaving the Church in droves while we ‘Messy – Antics’ repackage the drivel hoping to get a different result. For me, it’s all to reminiscent of our Forefathers at Sinai as we loudly cry “Moshe, you go hear for us – IT’S TOO HARD”. Check out those percentages: 1 goes for the Meat – 6 million don’t. Uh, which one do you remember most? J


As I looked at Moshe’s comments regarding the gathering of the Double-Portion, I was amazed as he spoke to those who had made it through to the Sabbath Day: “Eat it, he says, you want find it in the field”. This seems to indicate there were some who hadn’t gathered and expectantly went to search. The Hebrew word for field here is #7704, Sadeh. Though rendered field, it can also be translated as ‘siddah’, meaning a concubine or harlot. Hmmm? It becomes apparent that this satisfying meal of Manna, that results from the efforts of hard labor necessary to glean it on that 6th day – will not be found filling the harlot! Now, I don’t know which group you’re comfortable with. But, I am willing to do the hard work now that I may enjoy the benefits later, than to risk not being in the Camp once the attrition of the Tribulation is finished!


Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to gather we go! See you next time Torah Fans!