shavuot || feast of weeks

For every Feast of Yahweh listed in Leviticus 23, as well as the minor celebrations of Purim & Hanukkah, there is free E-book to download designed to teach you the basics of this special season!  

The festivals were to be the highlight of our year! There are many traditions that surround each one because they each have thousands of years of history! But if we get so caught up in trying to “keep the traditions”, we can miss the entire point of the feast itself!  First and foremost, this is a Divine Appointment with Yahweh! It’s all about Him! Secondly, these festivals were to be a joyous time and they were family oriented! This “guide” is to help explain the basics of the festival and also give you and your family ideas to help make it your own.

It’s our family history, it’s our future, & it’s our story!
Count the omer with us!

April 8th at sundown we began the counting of the Omer - Sefirat Ha’Omer! Lev 23:15-16 we find the command to count up to Shavuot. It is a season of preparation, introspection, and teshuva. Israel was a slave nation…they were given a time frame of 50 days  to understand what it meant to walk in their new found freedom. To prepare their hearts to meet with their King and Redeemer. 
After our Messiah’s Resurrection, He appeared to His disciples during this season, preparing them for the empowerment of His spirit at Shavuot/Pentecost.  May we too make the Omer count this season as we learn to walk as a holy nation of kings and priests!
Happy counting!

Day 48 Thoughts || Making the Omer count!
Exodus 19:18 - “And mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke, because Yahweh descended upon it in fire: and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly.”

It’s time to become the fire of Elohim again!
Shavuot Milk & Honey Gift Packages
$40 + $15 priority shipping 

Song of Solomon 4:11 -“…honey and milk are under thy tongue...”
As we count the Omer leading up to Shavuot, we excitedly anticipate the outpouring of His presence and fire! As a special Shavuot project, we are offering these gift packages to enhance your celebration!  This box features products from Hebrew Roots artisans, highlighting not only the special season of Shavuot but also the skilled artisans of our community.
Each box includes:
•1 Quarter Pint of Desert Blossom Honey from Wild Mountain Honey (local Oregon honey)
•1 Wooden Honey Dipper
•1 Quarter Pint of Lavender Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea
•2 Bars of Organic Goat’s Milk & Honey Soap (crafted by the Manna Ladies)
•1 Crocheted Wheat Bookmark by Rochelle Flores
•4 Shavuot inspired recipe cards (Challah Bread Recipe, Cheesecake, Lavender London Fog Tea, Cheese Blintzes)
•1 Clear Acrylic Mezzuzah Case (not pictured) & Scroll

✨Additional Add On’s - Shemen on the Mountain Shavuot Essential Oil by Aytz Chayim Aromatherapy-Israel/USA $40 per bottle
*For more info on this blend, or to order directly, click here

✨Additional Wheat Bookmarks in variety of colors $5 each (Tan, Goldenrod Yellow, Wheat, Bone, Mustard Yellow)

✨Additional Soaps $5 each  
(Contact for additional soaps or bookmarks, free shipping if included with box, will invoice separately).