Hanukkah || Feast of Dedication

For every Feast of Yahweh listed in Leviticus 23, as well as the minor celebrations of Purim & Hanukkah, there is free E-book to download designed to teach you the basics of this special season!  

The festivals were to be the highlight of our year! There are many traditions that surround each one because they each have thousands of years of history! But if we get so caught up in trying to “keep the traditions”, we can miss the entire point of the feast itself!  First and foremost, this is a Divine Appointment with Yahweh! It’s all about Him! Secondly, these festivals were to be a joyous time and they were family oriented! This “guide” is to help explain the basics of the festival and also give you and your family ideas to help make it your own.

It’s our family history, it’s our future, & it’s our story!
Hanukkah falls in the 9th month on the Hebrew calendar - the month of Kislev. Most of what is known of this feast comes from the historical account of the Maccabees. Yet there is more to this month and season than just this! As the natural is always a reflection of the spiritual, it is interesting to note that Kislev contains the longest, darkest night of the year...and at the same time, a decline of the darkness - the lengthening of light. It is the season of the heightness of darkness.

 The darkness of this season seems almost inescapable. Yet Kislev is our reminder of hope!
Kislev in Hebrew comes from the Hebrew root word kisli meaning trust, hope, or confidence!  In the midst of the darkest seasons, we have a hope and trust knowing that the light will pierce through!  In fact, the conception of Yahshua, the light of the world took place during Kislev, at the season of Hanukkah!  

Kislev is often referred to as the month of dreams, seeing as the yearly Torah Portions read during this month contain more dreams than any other!  Within this month we read of both Jacob & Joseph's prophetic dreams.  Often in the dark seasons, its  difficult to dream and anticipate what Yahweh has in store for us, yet the lesson of Kislev is just that.  In the midst of the trials and dark times, dream again!  Keep hope in the dreams that Yahweh places within you, His light will pierce through, and even from this, His promise will come forth!  In fact, the rainbow, the very symbol of our Covenant promises was first seen after the flood during this month!

Psalms 78:7 - "That they might set their hope (kislim) in Elohim, and not forget the works of Elohim, but keep His commandments."

John 8:12 - "Then spake Yahshua, again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life."

Kislev a month of darkness for some....for others a month of trusting in the promises and dreams given by Yahweh and seeing them manifested!  Chag Sameach!

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