Gathering Manna: The Alephbet

 Yod Yod יוד = 10th letter of the Hebrew Alephbet, it can operate either as a consonant forming the “y” sound or as a vowel taking on the “I” or “ey” or “ei” sound.

Yod Word Picture:  In Paleo, the Yod is represented by a right hand or right arm, making it symbolic of authority, power, and strength.  This is why Yahshua sits at the right hand of the Father, it reveals to us that it is the Messiah who is authorized to operate in the authority of Yahweh in the earth.  This is also why Jacob renames his last son, Benjamin, originally Rachel calls the baby Ben-Oni, son of my sorrows, but Jacob renames him Binyamin – son of my right hand!  These verses become a prophetic foreshadowing of the two roles of Messiah, His first coming to fulfill the role of the suffering servant, Ben-Oni, and His second as Binyamin, the son of the right hand who comes in the authority and power to establish the kingdom!

In the Chaldean flame letters, Yod is the smallest letter of the Alephbet, and because of that is said that it is from the Yod that all other letters are formed.  It’s the spark or atom of all of creation, the spark of life.

Exodus 15:6 – “Thy right hand, O Yahweh, is become glorious in power: thy right hand, O Yahweh, hath dashed in pieces the enemy.”

Gematria/Numerical Value:10

*10 = 10 is the number associated with perfection of divine order, completeness or order, marking the entire round of anything, nothing is wanting, the order and number are perfect and the whole cycle is complete.  The number 10 is seen quite often throughout the Scriptures, each time stamping the idea of completeness, order, and perfection.  The 10 commandments mark represent the complete and perfect order that is found in the Word of Yahweh and His covenant.  There were 10 plagues on Egypt marking Yahweh’s perfect and complete judgment of the land.  We are also told that a ½ shekel, the price of our redemption, is 10 gerahs, lending the idea of completion and perfection to the redemption.  When the nation of Israel splits, it is the 10 Northern tribes who become “lost”, and it is upon the return of these 10 that the house again can be complete and in order!

*Remember Aleph, with a value of 1, represented the husband, this leads us into the Bet (2), the wife that is joined to the husband to form the house, from this divine union we see the Gimmel (3), representing the firstborn son, the Messiah.  We learn of the role of this firstborn in the Dalet (4), He will be the door, and the Hey (5), causes us to behold him – connecting how He, the Gimmel/Messiah would be the Dalet/Door by walking among us in the flesh allowing us to behold (Hey) Him as the restored Vav (6) Man!  He would be nailed (Vav) upon the tree in order to be the connector (Vav) for fallen man.  It would only be through the Vav man’s sacrifice that He would be able to take back the authority and reign as the crowned King (Zayin), and once again offer the covenant (Zayin) to all of us who had strayed.  His example would teach us how to walk a circumcised life wielding the sword of the Torah (Zayin)!  By wielding this sword, we enter into a new beginning (Chet) and find ourselves inside the place of protection with the boundary lines intact once more (Chet) and can now stand under the chuppah with our Bridegroom (Chet)!  From this place of new beginning, that we should be bearing the fruit of the spirit (Tet) in our lives because we’ve become encircled by His Covenant (Tet).  It is from this position of Covenant that we now as well can operate in the authority promised to the one sitting at the right hand (Yod).

Practice Words with the letter י:

Yahweh יְהֹוָה the LORD

Yahoshua/Yahshua יהושוע Joshua/Jesus

Yowbel יוֹבֵל Jubilee

Yisra’el יִשְׂרָאֵל Israel

Yada’ יָדַע Know