Gathering Manna: The Alephbet


Bet = 2nd letter of the Hebrew Alephbet, this letter can form 2 sounds, if there is a dot inside the Bet it will form the “B” sound and without the dot this letter will form the “V” sound.

Bet Word Picture:  In paleo, the Bet was represented by a house or dwelling place, a tent.  It is often connected with the idea of building, both in the physical and the spiritual.  As the Aleph represents the husband, the Bet represents the Bride or wife, which builds the house.  It can also be used to indicate the household as a whole, the family.

2 Samuel 7:13 – “He shall build an house for my name, and I will stablish the throne of his kingdom forever.”

Gematria/Numerical Value: ב = 2

*2 = Difference, it is the first number by which we can divide another, because of this the idea of division or difference can always be seen in its meaning.

*Remember that the Aleph equaled one, we can also see the Bet as building upon this, since it is the house, we take two Aleph’s (2 individuals) and they come together to make the Bet – the house!  The Bet then represents the husband and wife joined now under the same covering with the intent of building their house/family!  This intent becomes the foundation of Torah, the intent being for the Messiah to have a Bride in order to build his house!

ב as a prefix = “In” or “Into” – example being found in the first book of Torah, the first word bereshit בראשית “in the beginning”

Other Torah Tidbits:

  • The letter ב is the first letter that begins the Torah not the Aleph, bereshit בראשית “In the beginning”

Practice Words with the letter ב:

Son בן Ben

Created ברא Bara’

Covenant ברית Beriyth

Divided/Separate בדל Badal