Gathering Manna: The Alephbet


Chet = 8th letter of the Hebrew Alephbet, it operates as a consonant forming a guttural sound from the back of the throat.  It is done by scraping the back of the throat while making the “h” sound.  Because of this sometimes it is transliterated as a “ch” or as an “h”. 

Chet Word Picture:  The Paleo letter Chet is the picture of a fence, a border, hedge, or some type of enclosure.  Because of this it carries with it the idea of something being protected by being fenced in or something being cut off and outside of the camp, all depending on where you stand concerning this boundary.  It is a powerful picture of the Torah and commandments which as well form a boundary line, and depending on how we stand concerning them determines whether we are in the house of our Father or outside of it.  It is interesting to note that according to Torah it is a sin to move the boundary lines (Deuteronomy 19:14).  This idea of a fence was seen manifested in the Tabernacle which had the fence surrounding it and no one was allowed to touch the fence or cross its boundary line without following the proper protocol.  

The Chet in its Paleo form also resembles a ladder, reminding us of Genesis 28 and Jacob’s ladder, the DNA helix/Seed/Word of Yahweh being revealed to Jacob in the form of the ladder. 

In the Chaldean flame letters, the chet looks like the letters Vav and the Zayin yoked together, a shadow picture of the King and His Bride standing together under the chuppah (wedding canopy) to be made echad/one (Vav = 6 + Zayin = 7, gives a total of 13 for Chet, and 13 is the value of ‘echad/one)!  It is the letter that is associated with life/chai as well, in addition to being the letter that was formed when the blood of the lamb was placed upon the doorposts in Egypt! 

John 10:10 – “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” 

Gematria/Numerical Value: 8

*8 = The number is associated with resurrection, regeneration, and new beginnings, because there were 8 people that survived the flood and were given a new beginning.  The covenant of circumcision is entered into on the 8th day as well, marking the beginning of the child’s covenant with their Creator.  

*Remember Aleph, with a value of 1, represented the husband, this leads us into the Bet (2), the wife that is joined to the husband to form the house, from this divine union we see the Gimmel (3), representing the firstborn son, the Messiah.  We learn of the role of this firstborn in the Dalet (4), He will be the door, and the Hey (5), causes us to behold him – connecting how He, the Gimmel/Messiah would be the Dalet/Door by walking among us in the flesh allowing us to behold (Hey) Him as the restored Vav (6) Man!  He would be nailed (Vav) upon the tree in order to be the connector (Vav) for fallen man.  It would only be through the Vav man’s sacrifice that He would be able to take back the authority and reign as the crowned King (Zayin), and once again offer the covenant (Zayin) to all of us who had strayed.  His example would teach us how to walk a circumcised life wielding the sword of the Torah (Zayin)!  By wielding this sword, we enter into a new beginning (Chet) and find ourselves inside the place of protection with the boundary lines intact once more (Chet) and can now stand under the chuppah with our Bridegroom (Chet)!  

Practice Words with the letterח:

Chen חן Grace

Chayah חָיָה Life/to live

Chokmah חָכְמָה Wisdom

Chanukkah חֲנֻכָּה Dedication

Chuqqah חֻקָּה Statute/Ordinance