Gathering Manna: The Alephbet

TetTet = 9th letter of the Hebrew Alephbet, it operates as a consonant forming the “t” sound.

 Tet Word Picture: The Paleo letter Tet is the picture that almost looks like a snake coiled inside a basket.  But if we look a little closer we can also see the Paleo letter Tav surrounded by a circle.  This is a paradoxical letter where it easy to see that within the Hebrew Language there is always two sides, a blessed meaning and a curse.  On the one hand this letter looks like a snake coiled in a basket, a danger that’s hidden and one we need to stay away from.  And on the other end of the spectrum, it is the Tav, which represents Covenant being encircled, the circle being symbolic of something that is eternal and never ending.  In other words the Tet can also be a picture of how the Covenant that Yahweh has made with us is eternal and never ending, and it is this Covenant that protects us from the serpent coiled in the basket. 

In the Chaldean flame letters, the form of the letter is inverted, painting the picture of a woman that is pregnant.  Yet it’s the Hebrew letter mem that represents the womb, and it is the tet that actually forms an upside down Mem, a womb that’s been flipped, inferring a compromise and perversion!  Yet we don’t see what is in the womb, as time progresses and it grows, it is made known that something is growing, but it’s not until the birth (the fruit manifests), that we can see whether it is good or bad.  Once again this is the mystery woven into this letter tet. 

Luke 8:15 – “But that on the good ground are they, which in an honest and good heart, having heard the Word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience”.

Gematria/Numerical Value: 9

*9 = 9 is a very important number in science and mathematics, in fact the numbers 3, 6, & 9 are those that form the foundation for the ancient solfeggio scale (the uncompromised frequencies which have built in healing properties by Yahweh).  It is the last of the digits and therefore marks the end and the conclusion of a matter.  It therefore represents finality and judgment.  It is interesting to note that Yahshua died at the ninth hour, paying the price for sin (death) so that we would be able to be judged and receive life.  There are also 9 fruits of the spirit listed in Galatians 5:22-23 which should be present in our lives if we have the seed of His Word within us (1. Love 2. Joy 3. Peace 4. Longsuffering 5. Kindness 6. Goodness 7. Faithfulness 8. Gentleness 9. Self-Control). 

*Remember Aleph, with a value of 1, represented the husband, this leads us into the Bet (2), the wife that is joined to the husband to form the house, from this divine union we see the Gimmel (3), representing the firstborn son, the Messiah.  We learn of the role of this firstborn in the Dalet (4), He will be the door, and the Hey (5), causes us to behold him – connecting how He, the Gimmel/Messiah would be the Dalet/Door by walking among us in the flesh allowing us to behold (Hey) Him as the restored Vav (6) Man!  He would be nailed (Vav) upon the tree in order to be the connector (Vav) for fallen man.  It would only be through the Vav man’s sacrifice that He would be able to take back the authority and reign as the crowned King (Zayin), and once again offer the covenant (Zayin) to all of us who had strayed.  His example would teach us how to walk a circumcised life wielding the sword of the Torah (Zayin)!  By wielding this sword, we enter into a new beginning (Chet) and find ourselves inside the place of protection with the boundary lines intact once more (Chet) and can now stand under the chuppah with our Bridegroom (Chet)!  From this place of new beginning, that we should be bearing the fruit of the spirit (Tet) in our lives because we’ve become encircled by His Covenant (Tet).   

Practice Words with the letter ט:

Tov טוֹב Good

Taleh טָלֶה Lamb

Tame’ טָמֵא Unclean

Taher טָהֵר Clean, Pure