Gathering Manna: The Hebrew Alephbet

NunNun = 14th letter of the Hebrew Alephbet, it forms the “n” sound and is transliterated as “n”.  It has two forms, the regular נ and the final nun sofit ן that comes at the end of a word.

Nun Word Picture:  In Paleo Hebrew, the Nun is represented by a pictograph that looks like a fish darting in the water, yet as this pictograph evolved it came to also look similar to the seed of a man.  Because of this the Nun is symbolic of life, a quickening, or seed.  Seed in the Scriptures is synonymous with the Word of Yahweh and His light.  Seed = light = Word/Torah!  It is His Word/Seed/Light that quickens us and gives us life!

Psalm 119:105 – “NUN – Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and light unto my path.”


Gematria/Numerical Value: נ = 50

*50 is the number associated with the Jubilee Year!  In Leviticus 25 we read of the rules concerning this year.  A specific blast was blown upon the Shofar at Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement every 50th year announcing the Jubilee.  It was a time of release – captives were set free, debts forgiven, a time of rest and renewal for the entire nation!  Also inheritance and property was returned to the rightful original owners.

The Jubilee years also are important time factors on the Calendar of Yahweh.  In Genesis 6:3 we’re told that man would be given 120 years – specifically 120 Jubilee cycles!  We find that Yahshua’s first coming was on the 80th Jubilee and His return as well will be the 120th Jubilee.

*There are also 50 of the counting of the omer leading up to the festival of Shavuot/Pentecost (the 50th day).  It is a time of introspection and preparing our hearts to receive His presence and His Nun (Word/Seed/Light) within us.  It is by putting in His Nun – Word/Seed/Light that we can experience a taste of what it is like to have a Jubilee and be set free from bondage – it’s a restoration of our inheritance!

*Remember Aleph, with a value of 1, represented the husband, this leads us into the Bet (2), the wife that is joined to the husband to form the house, from this divine union we see the Gimmel (3), representing the firstborn son, the Messiah.  We learn of the role of this firstborn in the Dalet (4), He will be the door, and the Hey (5), causes us to behold him – connecting how He, the Gimmel/Messiah would be the Dalet/Door by walking among us in the flesh allowing us to behold (Hey) Him as the restored Vav (6) Man!  He would be nailed (Vav) upon the tree in order to be the connector (Vav) for fallen man.  It would only be through the Vav man’s sacrifice that He would be able to take back the authority and reign as the crowned King (Zayin), and once again offer the covenant (Zayin) to all of us who had strayed.  His example would teach us how to walk a circumcised life wielding the sword of the Torah (Zayin)!  By wielding this sword, we enter into a new beginning (Chet) and find ourselves inside the place of protection with the boundary lines intact once more (Chet) and can now stand under the chuppah with our Bridegroom (Chet)!  From this place of new beginning, that we should be bearing the fruit of the spirit (Tet) in our lives because we’ve become encircled by His Covenant (Tet).  It is from this position of Covenant that we now as well can operate in the authority promised to the one sitting at the right hand (Yod) and take possession of all the Covenant Promises (Kaf).  In order to have possession of these Covenant promises (Kaf) it requires us to sit at the feet of the Teacher (Lamed) and allow the Torah to prod and incite us (Lamed) along the straight and narrow path.  It from the instruction of the Teacher (Lamed) that the hidden truths (Closed Mem) begin to open to us (Open Mem) and we’re able to grow in the midst of the different trials and tests (Mem) that Yahweh allows us to endure for our own maturing process.  This is the mystery of how we can be His light (Nun) in the earth, the trials give us a chance to shine (Nun) and an opportunity for His Seed/Word (Nun) to grow within us!

Textual Oddities:

In Numbers 10:35-36 there is an interesting passage surrounded by the letter Nun.  The verse begins with a Nun and is ended with a backwards/inverted Nun.

Numbers 10:35-36 – “And it came to pass, when the ark set forward, that Moses said, Rise up, Yahweh, and let thine enemies be scattered; and let them that hate thee flee before thee. And when it rested, he said, Return, O Yahweh, unto the many thousands of Israel.”

Hebrew verse1

Hebrew verse 2

This is a phenomenal word picture in the Hebrew!  The Nun = Word, and we understand that Yahshua was the Word made flesh!  So the picture we see in the Hebrew is that when this statement was declared, the Nun/Messiah who is reclining upon the Ark among the camp of Israel, now arising to scatter the enemies of Israel and stepping forward before them!  Once the enemies are vanquished, He returns to dwell among His people!!

Practice Words with the letter נ:

Netser נֵצֶר Branch (Righteous Branch of Jesse)

Nabiy’ נָבִיא Prophet

Nadab נָדַב Willingly, to give voluntary

Niyr נִיר Lamp

Nes נֵס Banner, Standard

“Thy Word” by Amy Grant

Courtesy of Youtube (user MiAmor O)