Great Opportunity!

Dear Manna Family – what an exciting time we’re living in! Most of you know that things are happening at an alarming rate around the globe – evidence that the enemy is very busy. Most of the attention seems to be directed toward what his camp’s doing. However, we’re finding that people are hungrier than ever for spiritual food and are not satisfied with what they’ve been fed. In fact, Father is opening doors left and right as the Camp of the Righteous prepares itself for the days ahead. That’s part of what I wanted to share with you – we’ve been given the most staggering opportunity in the history of our ministry! Yes, that’s right! We are in the midst of a window opening to allow us to reach literally tens of thousands of people on a weekly basis. For some time now we’ve been video recording our teachings and now the local CCtv station here in Salem, Oregon (formerly Public Access Television) has offered us an opportunity to have our programs professionally recorded, edited and produced and they will air them throughout the week! In addition, they’ve offered the use of their equipment, free training for our staff, the use of their studios and a chance to expand into every Public Access t.v. area in the country! In fact, we’re already broadcasting in both Salem and Seattle, Washington! How cool is that!

As you can imagine, we’re definitely excited! In addition to Manna’s teachings (Brenda’s Hebrew classes, my teachings and Brittney Scott’s) We also have a wonderful husband and wife team who are now working directly with us as well – Manuel and Ada Chavaria. They’re very gifted and are helping us reach the Hispanic community as we jointly share the Truth of Torah to the Nations! We have lots to do and could sure use your help! We need some better equipment, like t.v. quality cameras, editing programs, microphones, duplication equipment and much more! We’ve been getting by on a shoe-string budget, but quite frankly, we owe YHVH the best professional product we can produce. In addition, we will be prepared shortly to offer these t.v. quality programs in your area and we will need you to volunteer to approach your local Public Access television stations to request (that’s all it takes!) an opportunity to place them in your area! We’ll get them in your hands asap! We need lots of help! In fact, we’re overloaded now!

Just so you’ll know – our first in studio production at CCtv takes place tomorrow April 10th. We’ll be sharing about Passover and they have promised to broadcast to their large Christian listening audience all through the weekend! Please pray with us!

Brenda and I would love for you to come see first hand what’s happening here and to be a part of this end-time harvest!

You’ve been so faithful to Him and toward us and we appreciate you more than you know. Our prayers are that you’ll prosper even as your soul prospers. Please pray about helping us financially. Any amount, no matter the size on a consistent basis will enable us to budget toward this great work! If you have additional questions, call or email either me or Brittney and we’ll bring you up to speed!

Much love from me and all the Manna Crew from beautiful Salem, Oregon!

Shalom, Shalom