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Happy Purim 2017




Shalom Mishpocha!

With all the controversy that surrounds Purim – is it something that should be celebrated, does the book of Esther belong in the Scriptures, is it prophetical? – to name a few, we wanted to take a moment to share some of our past studies on this subject.  Purim is a day surrounded in mystery and intrigue!  Yet, it’s message is a wake up call for us today!  We too find ourselves quite often lulled to sleep in our exile.  Yet just as Yahweh allowed the circumstances of Purim to arouse His people from their slumber and fan the flame of Torah desire within them, we find the same prophesied of concerning our days!


Esther is not a stand alone book – in fact when placed on the timeline, she’s a contemporary with Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, Ezekiel, Zechariah, Joel, & Jeremiah!  Could it be that the hidden nature of Yahweh in the book of Esther ties in perfectly with the role of Daniel in “sealing up the books” till the end?  Is the story of Esther actually living out what the prophets were foretelling – a physical picture of the very prophesies being given?  Interesting points for sure!


Purim – a day where nothing is as it seems….Yahweh hides His face as He promised He would, only to still perform miracles that may go unnoticed, so often chalked up to circumstances.  What a fitting reminder to you and I today that where we are right now is not just the result of a long line of random coincidences!  There’s a purpose, a reason, and everyday is filled with the miracles of Yahweh being performed on our behalf.  Let’s take the time to notice and be thankful!