James Block Worship Concert

Join us July 23, 2016 at the Red Lion Inn (3301 Market St NE Salem, OR 97301) 6PM – 9PM for a worship concert!

If you love the Psalms and inspired music based on scripture than you won’t want to miss this worship gathering.

For the past three years James has been writing and recording modern versions of the psalms and other scriptures. Inspired and recorded in Jerusalem, the place where many of the Psalms were originally written, his songs have a very unique and prophetic message to them. His passion for simple pure worship and for the restoration of all Israel and Jerusalem comes through loud and clear in his music and message. James’ first projects called Selah Vol.1 and Vol. 2 were completed just last year and he is expecting to have a new hebrew/english album finished by summer of 2016. Check out his music at www.selahmusic.org.


More details at https://manna.events/specialevent/