Jubilee Sukkot 2015 – The Language of Liberty

Jubilee Sukkot 2015

The Language of Liberty:

 The Festival of Sukkot has been an integral part of our congregation and family life for many years. We have purposed to celebrate in rehearsal of the day when the King of Creation draws His Bride into the wedding Chuppah at the close of this age! However, for many of us the festival of Sukkot has become only a mere week-long sabbatical out of a year of self-indulgence at the grindstone of drudgery that has become the earmark of the enslaved. Honestly, Egypt is still chained to many of us. Yet, each year we go through the motions and we arrive at the Sukkot site having dutifully following the hypnotic notes of the Pied Piper the “Pierced One” who draws us ever closer.


Prayerfully, many of you are awakening from the slumber of complacency. Doing so will make this years’ Sukkot – Festival of Tabernacles celebration the launching pad for your deliverance! We firmly believe that we’re in the Shmittah cycle and this year could very well see the Yovel or Jubilee year announced! Therefore, it should come as no surprise that many are embracing the Truths of Torah and a return to the fundamental precepts of His word in exciting numbers! Coinciding with the restoration of the above we’re finding the rejuvenation that only comes from His Language fast becoming the topic of conversation across the Nations! It is not an accident! In fact, it is part of the prophetical signs of our time and the soon appearing of the long awaited King!


Without the understanding that one gets only from the Hebrew language we will continue to founder in the quagmire of tradition and succumb to the whim of the Taskmaster. We need this Language of Liberty! The instructions of the Book become the living prescription for every facet of our lives, when understood through the tongue of the King! To this end, at Jubilee Sukkot 2015 we are endeavoring to bring together a consortium of teachers and materials that will make this year’s festival one-of-a-kind! You will never be the same!


We invite you to join us at Camp Tadmor. But, more than that, we invite you to step into the waters: not ankle or knee or even thigh deep, rather, we invite you to immerse yourself in the Living, Liberating Language of Creation in the most unique setting the Pacific Northwest affords! Come; join the company of the Redeemed as we participate in rehearsal of the Wedding Covenant in the language of the King!


This year promises to be like no other! The available spaces are fast becoming filled and you will need to act quickly so that you can be a part of this monumental encounter! We are looking forward to seeing you and spending time with each of you. It is an honor to have you with us! Blessings and Shalom, Shalom:


David & Brenda Mathews


And the Whole Manna Crew!