Jubilee Sukkot Recap

Jubilee Sukkot 2014 Recap

Shalom Mishpocha!

It seems that we have been out of touch for quite a while, with preparations for Sukkot and then the celebration itself.  We are finally back in the saddle so to speak.  This Sukkot we felt would be quite significant with it launching us into a shemitta year, and even though it may seem that things are the same in the natural, we believe that some powerful changes took place in the Spiritual and throughout the coming months we’ll be seeing them manifested in the Body!  It’s an exciting time for those that are in Covenant with Yahweh!

We want to say a huge thank you to those who attended this year’s celebration with us, we hope that you were as blessed by the celebration as we were.  And for those who were not there, perhaps next year!  It was truly an amazing time, Yahweh blessed us with a pristine location “in the woods” at Camp Tadmor (Lebanon, OR), wonderful speakers such as David Mathews, Brittney Scott, Manuel & Ada Chavarria, Fred & Chad Zitek, & Tim Obrien.  All of these teachings can be purchased on DVD by the way by visiting our marketplace, or the mp3’s will be up for download!  There was also amazing music by talented groups such as Echad & Anu Hallelu (“We Praise”), and a special performance by Ada Chavarria.  It was a week spent feeding on the meat of His Word, entering His presence with Praise, and of course excellent fellowship (and food!) and a relaxing atmosphere where we were able to enjoy each others company and learn what it means to function as a body. Let’s not forget the bonding moments spent playing paintball, swinging on the 60 foot giant swing, firing at the gun range, or witnessing the mikveh of our brothers and sisters!  In case you haven’t realized it, we did indeed have a GREAT Sukkot!

In fact, here’s some pictures just to show you: