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Mannabite: Be Still

Mannabites were thought of at first as a way to add to the website, keep the Manna name in front of people, and as a teaching tool. It was a cool concept and one that we decided to go for. At the beginning, the concept started off as picking a Hebrew word and using the short video to explain it’s meaning. However, the mannabites have become quite more than that!


Each week as we begin to think about what the next topic should be, Yahweh drops a specific word into our hearts. It’s not just a word picked at random, but it becomes something that resonates and you just know, this is what it’s supposed to be about this week!

This week was no different…as I was driving and running my normal weekly errands, casually thinking about what topic should we do this week, my mind begins to get crowded with so many other thoughts! Rabbit trails can be dangerous! We have so many things that can begin to try and overwhelm us – questions about what’s the next step, concerns for the battles our loved ones may be facing in their own lives, worries about financial issues, and the reality of how topsy turvy the world seems to be now. A lot of times, issues that we have no control over anyway seem to be the most prominent!


And yet the one answer that seemed to resonate was “Be Still…& know that I am Yah…”

And it was that word that birthed this Mannabite – a sent word for me just in my daily routine, and I’m sure a sent word for all those who need that reminder!