MannaBites: Truth vs. Tradition

Manna Bites is a series of short clips that explores and begins to delve into the Hebraic understanding of the Scriptures, one morsel at a time!

Truth or Traditions?

Our search for TRUTH requires that we examine our belief systems. Frankly, Truth and religious Traditions are seldom the same. Indeed, our Messiah warned that our traditions often render His word of its authority, leaving us bereft of the power and holiness which once defined the Faith of the Saints. Though left clinging angrily to our traditions, without Truth we have become a sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal, clouds without water – unable to heal ourselves much less those we call ‘The World’. What are we to do? Honestly, the remedy has remained unchanged for millennia. In fact, throughout Torah those generations given to the vain traditions of men found themselves at odds with the Prophets of Yahweh, whose message has always been – return to Torah! The Truth Seekers must ask themselves these hard questions: Does my lifestyle exhibit Scriptural integrity? Am I one whose traditions find me at odds with His Word? Where do I start looking? Perhaps the following examples will get you started:
Do I keep the commandments of Yahweh? If we love Him we do.
What about remembering the Sabbath to keep it holy? Who changed that one?
Whose festivals or holy convocations do I celebrate? His are described plainly in Leviticus 23.
Do I know His Name or His Son’s name? King David did.
Each of the foregoing are without question Truth, yet each has been supplanted in almost every denomination worldwide. The message of the Prophets rings louder than ever in this Last Generation:
Return to Torah. Then you shall know the Truth and this Truth – shall make you free!