March 2014 Update


It seems as if we have been out of pocket for quite a while!  Many of you may know that we were in the process of moving to a new house, and so we apologize for being unable to stay in contact!  With the new move, not only was there much to do, but internet access was also not available until now!  But we are now resettled and back to work!  For those that correspond with us via mail, our new address is 7488 Mt. Angel Hwy, Silverton, OR 97381.

We pray that you each had a festive Purim, truly a rehearsal for events that will repeat in these end days, where once again Hadassah’s and Mordechai’s are needed to stand.  We now look forward to the quickly approaching Spring Festivals, remembering what our Messiah accomplished for us, and also looking forward to another Exodus one day!  We pray that we’re able to spend this time cleaning out our hearts of any leaven that would make our home unfit.


The Road Ahead

Not only are the Spring Feasts of Pesach, Unleavened Bread, and Shavuot directly before us, but our ministry Manna from Heaven as well has some plans in motion. We feel that we’re being given a window of opportunity to help spread this message of the Kingdom.  It is something that the Father has heavily laid on our hearts because we understand how important it is that we understand His Word!  The milk that we’ve fed on in the past will not sustain us through the perilous days ahead.  We have to understand the Torah and be able to walk in His authority lest we become worn out.  Because of this, we are doing eveything we can to make sure to use all the venues available.  Some projects ahead of us include expanding into public broadcasting television networks across the states, more changes to our website, as well as some other special projects.   However, we need your prayers and support to make this happen.  It seems like its a long road and there’s many speed bumps along the way, but we know that Yahweh is faithful!  We want to thank all of you that cover us with your prayers and continue to support and commit to these goals.  You have an intricate part in all of this!!