Metzora by Pastor David Mathews

Tazria and Metsora 2012

Lev. 12:1 – 15:33.

I.        Over the last few weeks it seems as if Father is making a connection between fertility, the quality or state of being fertile – and the Seed or Word that issues out of His mouth, as well as, our own spoken words. This week’s Parsha is a combination of two, Tazria and Metsora, the 27th and 28th of the cycle. Let’s begin by breaking the terms apart in the Hebrew language. 

  • Tazria, #2232, תַזְרִיעַ this is actually a phrase – The Tav indicates 3rd person, future tense; ‘she will’, ‘they will’, etc.  The root stem is the word זרע zara`, which means to scatter, to sow, to become or to make pregnant. It is rather interesting to note another word spelled with the same letters: #5826-5830, which is spelled Ayin-Zayin-Resh, and indicates to help, to aid, a helper. The first appearance of this word is in Gen. 2: 18, where Eve is created as a ‘כְּנֶגְדֹּֽו׃ עֵזֶר ‘an help meet for him’. Remember Adam as the male, has the seed, yet without his ‘helper’ – the one with the ability to womb the seed – Eve, he is not able to fulfill his role. Here is where the Hebrew gets interesting!

The words ‘for’ and ‘him’, are represented in Hebrew by the Kaf prefix (serving as a preposition meaning for) and the Vav suffix (which shows possession – his). This leaves the root word, #5048, נגד neged, which, depending on the spelling, may serve as a preposition indicating before, in front of, corresponding to. It serves to indicate a likeness to another. However, it is also spelled the same as #5046 & #5047, which mean, to tell, to report, to make known or explain, to solve, and to flow or issue forth. Thus, Eve was given a womb in order to physically reveal, report, and explain that the seed within her was the likeness of Adam! Spiritually, we are also tasked with housing the Seed/Torah in us indicating our likeness to that of YHVH! 

If we look at the gematria of words with the numbers 27 & 28, they are even more intriguing! 27 is written; Kaf-Zayin, a root which forms several words connected to lying, deception. YHVH hates liars and to lie is considered an abomination (Prov. 6:19). This is important when we uncover more of the mystery of the numbers: 3×9 = 27. Three (Gimmel) is the number that reveals the result of procreation, I.E. the idea of the Alef-1 and the Bet-2 (Man & Woman) becoming intimate and reproducing seed. 3 thus represents the Firstborn, a hint of Messiah who would be born of both Woman and the Seed that created Adam – YHVH’s Word. The Number 9 indicates judgment, the cutting off of man. All of which, connects us to Gen. 3 where the First Liar – Satan, deceives the woman into receiving another seed. Lying is just that – receiving, repeating, and birthing another seed! It resulted in the cutting off of that seed forever! Last week we looked at 28 and its connection to creation in Gen. 1: 1. Our words indicate the seed within us, we may lie for a time, but the fruit will be born. John 8: 43 – 44 LOOK HERE: Murder and lying are connected. Is it possible that by perverting the seed, we are killing it, aborting it within the womb? Abortion is the physical manifestation of a spiritual condition! Jer. 16:19. 

How convenient that the first two verses of Torah deal with this very issue, the battle between the seed lines where YHVH speaks the Truth of Creation and  Lucifer spins a web of deceit resulting in the ‘Tohu v’bohu’ condition of the earth. Let’s look here: 

וָבֹהוּ תֹהוּ the gematria of this phrase? 430. The same as the number of years Israel sojourns in Egypt! Ex. 12: 40, 41. The word sojourn, #4186, מושב mowshab, means a seat, habitation or dwelling place. It is from #3427, yashav, to dwell with as in marriage! Egypt was the place where Israel lived married to the gods-liars. This 430 year period is first seen in Gen. 15 where YHVH tells Abram, his seed, #2233זרע zera` will be a stranger, #1616, גר ger, a sojourner, stranger, an inhabitant lacking rights having not inherited them (yet) or conceded them. How interesting to look at a cognate word, #1618, garab, a festering eruption of the skin, in the same class as leprosy! This seems to infer that Israel would remain a stranger/sojourner until their SEED WAS NOT LEPROUS. In other words, the Tongue (SEED-LANGUAGE) would have to change from an infectious disease spreader, to a Holy Tongue – Hebrew! All other tongues were conceived at BABYLON! 

Back to ‘tohu v’bohu’, Gen. 1:2: It is really exciting to pull the Hebrew apart here. There are 52 letters in this verse, which connects us to the word Bet-Nun, Ben, Son. The Ruach hovered over the deep and a Son is born! Bet = in, into, the house, while Nun represents life. Thus, the Son (Word) brings life into the house. Now, let’s look at Metsora: 

The Leper.

  • HaMetsora, הַמְּצֹרָע from #6879, צרע tsara`, a verb meaning to have leprosy, to be a leper. Perhaps we would be better served to contrast the two words, Zara and Tsara: Both have etymologically similar sounding roots. The gematria of tsara = 360, Zara = 277. The difference is 83, the number connected to #4026, migdal, a masc. noun meaning a tower. Of which, the most famous is that of Babel. (#894, בבל Babel, to confuse by mixing, as in mixing seed. If you spell this word backwards it is levav – heart) It was first recorded here that the wrong seed/language resulted in their not being able to understand one another’s speech. Gen. 11: 7. We’re told in Matt. 12:34 that out of what’s stored in the heart our mouths speak. This gets interesting! Let’s look! 

רֵעֵֽהוּ שְׂפַת אִישׁ יִשְׁמְעוּ לֹא 

Lo yishme’u – there should be no understanding.

Ish – [by] one man, person.

Safat – of the language.

Re’ehu – of his companion. The Resh-Ayin-Hey can also spell shepherd. 

So that no man could understand the language of another (his Shepherd). The Seed we allow to be planted depicts (is a picture, image of) the words or Voice of the Shepherd. If we can’t understand the Real Shepherd, then the counterfeit One will oblige us. Jn. 10: 1 – 6.

The Laws of Purity – Niddah.

II.      The outline of the Parsha is consistent with our premise: That of the woman giving birth – her unclean condition while dead seed [word] is being expelled. Our mouths are the womb of our soul, if we are expelling dead things/words, then we remain in an unclean condition like that of the menstruating woman. 

These laws treat the condition of the woman after giving birth, in the same manner as that of menses, or, for that matter, one contaminated by touching a dead body! The Seed is just that a BODY! *Note the length of her isolation: 40 days for a Son, 80 days for a daughter. The number 40 is written with a Mem – waters, chaos, and womb; while 80 is written with a Pey – mouth, words, speech. To quarantine the womb of the mouth. The importance of these numbers as dates is not lost on us either. On the 40th jubilee – 2000th year of creation Abraham – the Father of Nations, the Father of Faith (faith comes by hearing) he restores the ability to hear the Hebrew language of YHVH. While on the 80th jubilee, Yahshua also again, restores our ability to hear the Hebrew language of Torah. (Malchus’s ear) (Jn. 18:10). Zeph. 3:9 coincides with the advent of the 120th Jubilee! 40 + 80 =120! Ironically, 120 is the gematria of ‘Ami’, my people. Rev. 18: 4 tells ‘ami’, my people to come out of BABYLON, the place of the mixed seed, which confused the tongues and brings leprosy! Abraham and Yahshua also admonished us to ‘come out’. 

It is also unique that 40 and the Planet Venus are connected. The planet Venus traces a star pattern in the night sky every eight years returning to its original point every 40 years with a 40 day regression. Most scholars believe it is the famed ‘Star of Bethlehem’ – Bet Lechem, the House of Bread, Word, and Seed. It is also known as the ‘Bright and Morning Star’ [Rev. 22: 16]. The Sages teach that YHVH crowned the letter PEY (80) and with it, created Venus! The Hebrew word for Venus is Nogah, Nun-Gimmel-Hey. Its value = 58, the same as Chen – Grace and Noah, both spelled with a Chet & a Nun. A picture of Life beginning anew. Both 40 and 80 have factors of 5 & 8, grace and new beginnings! 

Back to the cleansing… 

This particular cleansing process required either a young pigeon or a turtle-dove. Lev. 12: 6. [12 + 6 =18, Chai, life] This is the only instance where the pigeon is listed as first choice and this is the only place where only one bird is required. Why? The Dove chooses a mate for life and never remarries should the spouse die. The spouse of YHVH dies and He doesn’t remarry! The word here for dove is #3123, יונה yownah, the same bird released during the Flood of bitter waters to judge the niddah bride, and the only sign given regarding the Messiah-ship! The sign of Jonah – The Dove! Another ‘Dove’ – Jonah, would die with for His Bride in order to redeem her. The same pattern as Adam who dies for Eve! Additionally, the word for pigeon is #8449, תור towr, it indicates, to spy out, to seek out, to turn, an opportunity, and a standard. If we add the Hey it becomes #851, TORAH, meaning instruction, direction, and the teachings – the Word – SEED! The choice is clear, if we are to be restored from our niddah condition, then we must embrace the SEED/TORAH of YHVH, the Dove who had to die to redeem us! Father sent the Tor (pigeon) first, hoping we would embrace Him, yet because we rejected the written Torah, the Dove had to die! 

The offerings are brought to the door of the Tabernacle: Hmmm? Hebrew detecting again? 

  • Door, #6607, פתח pethach, an opening, entrance or door. To open. The two-letter root, Pey-Tav, #6596, pot, refers to a door hinge, and also to the private parts of a woman. We find a connection again to the intent of YHVH to make the womb fertile again, should the woman present herself clean before Him! The Hebrew letter Pey even resembles a doorway into the house! It also hints at the mouth. 

The gematria of pethach? 488, the same as #1331, בתולים bĕthuwliym, a fem. Noun meaning virginity, virgin. This same root is seen in Gen. 9:27, where YHVH promises to open wide the gates of our understanding and dwell, shakan, to cohabitate in the tents of those who bear the Shem – Name! His Bride! 

The pattern continues: Abraham brings the Blood (circumcision) to the doorway of the tents whereupon the Messiah visits to remind Abraham that Zera – seed, זרע will come from Sarah, #8283, שרה Sarah. A Hebraism! The numeric values are 277 & 505. If we subtract, or take out of, (birth) one from the other, the remainder is 228, the same as bechor, the Firstborn and Etz Chaim, THE TREE OF LIFE! 

In the same fashion or pattern, Moshe brings the blood, and Yahshua’s blood is applied. Sadly, Cain also brought blood to the door, as did Lucifer. The offerings were brought to the Tabernacle of the Congregation – Mo’ed, which also has a gematria of 120. 40 +80. 

Remember how the chapter begins with the woman’s unclean condition or Niddah? The Sages teach that the pattern of the Exodus paralleled this law. Declaring that from the beginning of the Exodus until the crossing of the Red Sea was exactly 7 days. After which, Niddah Israel who had carried part of Egypt – Pharaoh (spiritual leprosy) with them (dead seed – metzora) is mikvehed in Living Water. According to Torah the Unclean Woman cannot eat of the Consecrated flesh of the Offerings made during this time. (Lev. 12: 4) Hence, upon crossing the Red Sea, Israel is given the Manna, the Consecrated Bread – Flesh of Messiah! This is why we’re receiving the outpouring of a double portion of Manna at this time! Zeph. 3:9 The Hebrew language IS THAT CONSECRATED BREAD! How does this apply to us? We are upon the end of our 7-days of Niddah – having brought the spiritual blemishes of Egypt with us that must be removed. At the end of this 7-days we will have completed the 120th Jubilee or 30th cycle of 40days allowing us to partake of the Tree of Life! Rev. 21:27 – 22: 3. Incidentally, 120 is also the gematria of Yalad, to bring forth a child, offspring!