My One Trusted Friend

In Life’s darkest hour, when your words have no power
And your prayers seem to fall on the floor;
You’ve exhausted all measures and the things you once treasured
Suddenly haven’t meaning anymore.

Your friends have long abandoned, ‘till alone you’re left standing
And are forced to your knees on the floor.
Your heart beats – bursting, can someone slake this thirsting?
“Is there a friend”, I can’t take anymore…

Yes! There is – seems you hear it; yet this pressure you can’t bear it,
The solitude presses you in – Who’s here? You feel it? 
Your heart – you steel it, another wave comes crashing in…

The nausea, the terror, kneeling alone – you glimpse the mirror
With a start your eyes rake through the shadows…
Who’s here? You feel it? A Sound you hear it, footsteps, halt! – Who goes there?

Hear that rustling sound – did the enemy give ground?
A hushed breath scrapes through the night. 
What can this mean – by my side – who defends, what I can’t fight?
A Champion from the shadows emerges!

Who can this be from the Light? Who with One Word stops the fight?
Do I know Who brought this dark work to a close is? 
Shaken out of hiding – From The Lion I confide in – with a roar – the enemy exposes.

With His coming I see clearly – with the dawning who stands near me
The bloodied vestments of ONE so familiar – He’s The One I can turn too 
Beloved Prince – I should have known who – Yahshua my One Trusted Friend!

By Pastor David Mathews