My Shepherd

YHVH is my Shepherd, my rock and my Strength.
In the midst of Life’s valleys – or the mountain top peak.
Where my steps would have stumbled, they’ve been ordered instead
Through The Word to still waters, where full tables were spread.

Oh, My King – watch before me lest every move that I make
Be born outside the Union of True prayer and True Faith.
Let my life be a vessel and an instrument for you,
Until flowed through with perfection I’m a servant who knew…

Selfish might and fleshly power would always render their due.
So, Shepherd guide me by Your Presence enable me to go through.
Till my heart is indicted each passing moment that we spend.
Abba, question my footprints – not your leading, whether if laid end to end…

Would they paint others a clear portrait as they encompass my life
Of one seen in the image and likeness of Messiah?
Abba, weigh me in the balance while this trial I go through
So when people look at me, there’s a resemblance to You

May this life that I’m living reflect these words with intent
‘till I hear from my Shepherd, “Faithful Servant enter in”

By Pastor David Mathews