Pre-Passover Prep!

Chag Sameach!


The Spring Feasts are quickly approaching and we find ourselves on the cusp of celebrating the Festival of Passover!  Yet there is prep work that’s needed before it arrives! 

In connection with this feast, we’re commanded to remove the leaven out of our homes.  This is a physical demonstration that shows us what should be taking place spiritually – the leaven (sin) being removed from our hearts. 

Removing leaven can be tricky, we have to search all the nooks and crannies to make sure there isn’t any left hidden in our homes.  This effort reminds us of the effort needed to shine His light in our hearts in order to make sure there isn’t any hidden leaven there either.  It is from this concept that today we have the idea of “spring cleaning” – what a great opportunity to catch up and shine the house up as we search for leaven!

Preparing for the Seder

In addition to removing the leaven, there is also prep work needed to prepare your Passover meal!  In Exodus 12:8 – “And they shall eat the flesh in that night, roast with fire, and unleavened bread; and with bitter herbs they shall eat it.”  In connection with this special meal, later we’re told in Exodus 12:26 & 27 that when our children ask what this is about, we’re to tell them of the Passover.  Because of this the traditional way to keep the Passover is by partaking in a seder meal.  Seder simply means “order” in Hebrew because the seder meal acts out and tells the order/story of Passover!  The script/book that helps lead the seder is called a “haggadah”.  There is also a special plate known as the Seder plate that has different sections for the different parts necessary for the meal.  Some may feel this is only tradition, yet it helps us to keep Passover and includes the necessary items listed in Exodus 12.  The main parts of the Seder dish include:

1) Zerowa’ – Shankbone of the Lamb


2) Maror – Bitter Herbs (Horseradish) & Karpas – Parsley


3. Charoset – Sweet mixture of nuts, dates, raisins, &  honey


4. Matzah – Unleavened Bread


5. The 4 cups of Grape juice/Wine


Here we have also included a printable version of  a Haggadah we put together and used:

Haggadah Pt 1

haggadah2 Pt 2

Traditional Songs:

There are several traditional songs that occur on this night.  One of the most well known in connection with the Seder is “Dayenu” – “It would have been enough”

In case you’re not familiar, here it is with the lyrics!