Prodigal Son

Have you ever wondered how the Prodigal Son felt having wasted much of his youth? What would he say to his father? How would Dad respond? Life is full of struggles yet mistakes are never final. If you’re a prodigal child – call home. If you’re a waiting, watching parent – keep praying! In the meantime here’s a short letter that might have been written by that lost son… and his father’s response…

Father: I know how I must have hurt you, for I see myself in my own children. I’m beginning to understand how even in moments when I rebelled and turned away – giving my love and time to those young and foolish pleasures, that I was reaching in answer to the call of more than what I thought you had to offer. That yearning, pleading voice always beckoning me to faraway places. Oh, Father, I can hear its’ echoes even now. Can my own children hear it too? How often you must’ve sat, even as I do now, aching for my arms around you, longing for the whisper of my voice…Dad, I love you. Your son.

Son: Not to worry, it seems I can’t remember the things that you mentioned. I’ve tried, really I have. But, when I look back I just don’t see any failures. I can remember though, us laughing together over some of your childish forays! And when I look at you now – my, you’re not my little boy anymore, but a man I’m proud to call a son! Don’t you worry now, we’re good together you and I. Come home…see you soon. 

Love, Dad.

By Pastor David Mathews