Purim Thoughts 2019

Our Homemade Hamantaschen!

Chag Purim Sameach from Manna! This year we decided to deliver mishloach manot – or special Purim baskets to the widows and elderly. We wanted to bless those in our circle who don’t often get the recognition. We made our hamantaschen cookies and made evening deliveries last night! And we used the recipe found in our Purim E-Book! The cookies were added to fruit baskets and delivered with a special Happy Purim note. So often we can get wrapped up in our situations and we can miss little opportunities to be a blessing to others. Purim is an awesome time to remember that Yahweh uses people to be His Hands on the Earth! Whether it’s being a willing vessel that is used to bring about the deliverance of an entire nation…or being hands that deliver a gift that says you are loved! It’s not always about the huge miracles…the parting of the Red Sea…the walls falling down…sometimes it’s about being obedient and seeing His deliverance in the Hand behind the scenes…the Hand that is unseen!

Our Gift Bags

Mishloach Manot literally translates as meaning “sending of portions” – it is a tradition based off of Esther 9:19. We feel that at a time when we are thanking and recognizing the Hand of Yahweh in our own lives, what better way to show our gratitude than to mirror His blessing by being a blessing to others. It doesn’t have to be outlandish, but it’s about putting thought into it. It’s looking at what we’ve been blessed with – not just financially – but what skills have we been blessed with, what time have we been blessed with, all of this comes together in order that we may give a portion of it! Perhaps your portion is choosing to call and encourage those around you that may be lonely or down…perhaps choosing to spend the time in prayer for others, or as we did choosing to make a little treat and saying you matter!

Wherever you are, and however you choose to celebrate Purim this year, we pray that it is a time of blessing upon you and your household as we choose to acknowledge that Yahweh is our King and has everything in His Hands! Whether it’s a time of exile, or danger, or contentment, we can say He has not abandoned or forgotten His people!