Redefining Constitutional Marriage?

The decision this past week to ‘redefine’ marriage as an institution comes at a most opportune time. Though I wholeheartedly disagree with the Jurists declaration, I am convinced their verdict will do more good than harm in the long term: Before you vilify me, let me explain.

At no time in American history and in particular the history of the Church, has there been such an attitude of complacency and never has there been a more apathetic group of Believers. As a result of decades of a designed, calculated, program, the intentional desensitization of a culture became blatantly visible, and it has culminated in the deliberate flaunting of the homosexual agenda in the face of Biblical Truths through every venue possible: resulting in a Zombie like, religiously conservative populous: the glazed – eyed, phlegmatic, self-proclaimed Believer has finally been slapped across the proverbial jaw! Though somewhat late, it could not have happened at a more desperate time!

Let me put it as succinctly as possible: it is not the fault of the Supreme Court! And though many rue the day, they only rendered a verdict called for by the vocal majority! America has already crossed the dead-line. What happens next will sift the Nation and expose a Remnant who will not kowtow to public sentiment against His Law!

Frankly, the blame lies in the lap of every person who thumps his bible all the while displaying a self-imposed gag order against getting involved in the public debate of such subjects as abortion and homosexuality.  How soon we forget the Scriptural Blueprint of true Faith – which cannot be properly exercised without a corresponding action! For generations our Religious leaders have demonstrated a doctrine of passivity and settled for the “Let’s pray about it” excuse! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against prayer but, I am against the lazy, spineless, attitude that has been cultivated across the Mainstream Believing Congregations! Finally we have a shot-across-the-bow that should wake up this sleeping giant!

What can we do at this late hour? EVERYTHING POSSIBLE!

As Believers we must define – by our actions – what we believe and in this case, it very well may require the willingness to become civilly disobedient! Though the Supreme Court has rendered a ‘legal verdict’, there are times when something being declared legal does not make it right! Therefore, in the face of this decision, we must define by our actions whom we serve and – whose law we hold in higher esteem! For almost 60 years the official motto of the United States has been “In God We Trust”. Now, we must question who this God is and in our hearts if we decide that YHVH, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the only King, then we must refuse to bow our knees to those who would openly oppose Him with such perverse edicts regardless of their origin!

Make no mistake, this is a fight. It will be a fight to the finish. We can no longer be tolerant to the point of compromising the Standards of His Kingdom! The Biblical pattern of Marriage is that of a Holy Institution between One man and One woman. Their express purpose being that of producing seed in the Image of YHVH. Any attempt to legislate marriage to include same-sex partners is an outright abominable attempt to compromise the Union whose pattern is after that of YHVH and His Bride and though multitudes may espouse a doctrine of tolerance while attempting to redefine marriage – He most certainly will not! There is a day of reckoning!

This tolerant attitude has so permeated the Believing Community, that now many congregations are placing their seal of approval upon such unions and many who are participating themselves in sexually aberrant lifestyles are doing so; all the while attempting to define themselves as Believers who pray and read Scripture and who attend service regularly! What hypocrisy! The Creator Himself never changes His word and when He has defined anything as sin, it will remain so forever! One may attempt to assuage their own conscience but, the end result will be the same. Sin must be judged. No Man-made court can change that! Marriage was never defined by the Constitution – it was ordained and defined by HIM!

Upon reading this, many will label me as ‘unfeeling’, a bigot, perhaps homophobic. Let me state for the record: I know several people, close to me whom I love, that are involved in this lamentable lifestyle. I love them dearly, yet, not so dearly as He does! Neither He nor I endorse the sin. He gave His life to liberate those in bondage. Though I may be misinterpreted as being harsh and unloving, considering the eternal consequences, I must sound this warning.

The Line has firmly been drawn in the Sand: Which side are you on? Biblical standards or anarchy, the choice is yours. As for me and my house, we will serve Him!

Remember June 26, 2015! That’s when the fight started!


In His Service