Restoration of Prophecy by Manuel & Ada Chavarria

Restoration of the prophetic times

  Prophecy in the light of Scripture seems to have finished when it is observed from any translation perspective. Having established the elements of interpretation on the basis of the language in which it was originally expressed, we realize that the misrepresentation continues to be a natural barrier that will prevent the correct appreciation of the writing. Certainly no type of prophetic revelation inspired humanly has relevance within the revelation plans of יהוה, everything that emanates from custom font must be discarded as improbable.

The return to the prophetic foundation aims to make his people understand the path of restoration itself, established from the beginning; “We have the prophetic word even more secure, to which we would do well to pay attention to,” it is the statement that the very same scriptures express. The well documented reason of prophecy is to make the light of the same shine in the midst of the darkness and shine in our hearts. From the Greek G393 ἀνατέλλω (anatelo), meaning literally lifted toward the goal; the function of prophecy is to lead us to the supreme goal of the revelation of the light expressed in the Scriptures. The word telos τέλος G5056 primary τέλλω Tello, (set out by a point def. goal), it’s the same as that used in Rom 10.4 as a direct reference to the Torah; the specific function of prophecy has become established as a vector that points towards the eternal instruction as a final goal and as the supreme element of restoration.

Because Mashiakj is the end [telos τέλος G5056 primary τέλλω Tello, (set out by a point def.  goal)] of the Law [H8451 תּוֹרָה torah] for righteousness to everyone that believeth.Rom 10:4

The Hebrew H5017 נְבוּאָה nebuah; corresponding to H5016; inspired teaching: – prophecy. It must be understood not as a simple prediction of futuristic facts to occur; it represents in essence a form of inspired teaching by the revelation that is manifested in the Eternal Word.

Prophecy puts in perspective the final plan of redemption that will be manifested in the last days, to understand what our role is within the prophetic gear will determine our incursion into the same. Certainly the Mashiakj that has been promised, is soon to return to his people, but not before everything has been restored as announced by the Father according through his prophets. It is necessary the complementation of the signs described by Yahoshua in Matthew 24 with the final restoration of all things, for the second coming of the sent of the Father to take place.

When the shofar is blown in the city, does it not alarm people? Can a calamity come [ H7451 רַע

rah of H7489; bad or (as a noun) evil (nat or mor. ) :- adversity, affliction,] a city if not caused by יהוה?

Adonay יהוה does nothing without revealing the purpose to his servers the prophets.

Am 3:6-7

The fundamental reason of prophecy; Inspired teaching of יהוה is to warn people about  to the route that they must take in order to be successful in their final goal, the imminent function is to clarify in our hearts how the absolute truth will guide us into the light of revelation.

And so we have the safest prophetic word, to which we would do well to pay attention to as a lamp that shines in the dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star appears in your hearts.

2Pe 1:19

  Certainly the prophetic spirit is an element to be restored as a preamble to the powerful manifestation of our Redeemer as a shining path for guidance of the people. Prophecy can never be separated from the Scriptures itself, becoming a matter of a personal nature, any prophetic manifestation concerning יהוה and his Mashiakj must be supported in the light of his own Word. The ultimate goal of prophecy is   to take us to the knowledge of the supreme Emet: expressed in the Torah; all prophets intended to return the nations to the foundation stone of the eternal Torah. Then in the last days false prophets will appear [G5578 ψευδοπροφήτης pseudoprofetes of G5571 and G4396; prophet, predictor or religious impostor:- false prophet.] that will proclaim destructive teachings, so that because of them the way of the Emet be slandered and in their greed the people be exploited [G1710 μπορεύομαι emporeuomai of G1722 and G4198A; travel by (a nation as a trader), i.e. (by implication) trade:- to merchandise. ] (2 P 2.1 -3)

The spirit of Elijah [H452 אֵלִיָּה Eliyah or prolonged אֵלִיָּהוּ Eliyahu; of H410 and H3050; Yah is Elohim] has to manifest itself in the last days as the precursor to the final restoration planned as a legitimate requirement prior to the powerful manifestation of our Savior. Although it is probable that the approach was expected in a prophetic character concerning Eliyah, the truth of the matter is that really what will take control of the final restoration will be the ruach of יהוה our Elohim; the Spirit of Eliyahu. As I mentioned earlier the basic function of prophecy is to link the people with the base of the immovable Emet expressed in Torah. When sent, the ruach HaQodesh will be the vector to guide people to the absolute truth, speaking of what he hears from the Father to let us know the things that will “come”; the other element that corresponds to prophecy itself and is manifested as a  proper function of the Ruach Elohim, it being when through the Torah and the prophets themselves will make us know all things to come concerning the kingdom.

The prophet Joel by putting the final events into perspective, establishes as a preamble to the restoration of prophecy, an event that characterizes the preparation of the great and terrible Yom יהוה. Then the early and latter rain will be made to ascend as it was in the beginning; as a reference to the restitution of the teaching of the Torah, and its people will be compensated with the foundation  of the את the Hebrew language as a seal of the perpetual creation, as the representation of Yahoshua HaMashiakj.

ושׁלמתי לכם את־השׁנים אשׁר אכל הארבה הילק והחסיל והגזם חילי הגדול אשׁר שׁלחתי בכם׃

I will restore to you את the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the hopper, the destroyer, and the cutter, my great army, which I sent among you.

Joel 2:25

                  When we break down the Hebrew words to deepen the message of the same we make the value of the timeless Alef-Tav as a imperishable base, to give us an assertive perspective of what the writer expresses. H697 אַרְבֶּה arbeh of H7235; locust (by its rapid increase):- locust, H7235 רָבָה Rabah ; increase (in any respect) :- abundance, abundant, windrowed, dominate, aggrandize. H3218 יֶכֶק yekek that means licking; devourer; specifically the young locust:- cankerworm, caterpillar.  H2625 חָסִיל kjasil of H2628; devastating, i.e. locust:- track, aphid.

These four elements are descriptive of the army, which has been sent against the people because of the rebellion; a system established by men through religion and teachings created that have twisted the eternal basis of the beginning. This is the proper meaning of the Hebrew חַיִל kjail H2428 H2342 חוּל kjul or חִיל kjil; primary root; proper twist or rotates (in a circle or spiral), pervert. Particularly this concept used here is a reference to a system that has attempted against the integrity of a Qadosh system. In contrast with the Hebrew word for army H6635 צָבָא tsaba or (female) צְבָאָה tsebaa; of H6633; mass of persons (or figuratively things), especially reg organized for war (army); kjail is used as a figurative concept of pervert:- afflicting, impatient, taunting, cause pain, hurt, pale, childbirth, trembling, being fearful, fear.

The word Kjail if mostly used as a reference to the oppressor army of Pharaoh, continues to be an excellent prophetic shadow represented by a system established by man to exercise power over the people that is determined to be led to freedom. Immersed in the prophecy of the fall of Babel as a system of perverse confusion, the prophet Yirmiyahu announces that יהוה has summoned to his army [H6680 צָוָה tsavah] those that have been formed qadoshim and powerful, that rejoice in his Majesty, to make a system that argues political/religious transcendence for crowd control as it has been the case with Babylon.

Then the crowd on the mountains as a lot of people from kingdoms and nations standing in line of the army of יהוה, ready for battle will take place against the contemporary Babylonian system, on which on them has been determined pain and anguish as a woman in childbirth.

They shall be in pain [H2342 חוּל kjul] as a woman in labor: they shall be amazed one at another; their faces shall be as flames.

Is 13.8

The face of pain is characteristic of a people that have not been able to understand the role that shall be accomplished by prophecy as an element of guidance for the final restoration as a preamble to the powerful manifestation of the great Yom of יהוה.

Before their face the people shall be in much pain [H2342 חוּל kjul]: all faces shall become pale.

[H6289 פָּארוּר parur of H6286; properly illuminated, that is, a glow; as noun, a flush (of anxiety): – blackness.]

Joel 2:6

The characteristic of a people that has been chosen as a bearer of the eternal Emet, is to be guided through the basis of the timeless Qadosh language toward the scriptural prophecy as final revelation that is to prepare the way for the big event of redemption. The ruach את reference as to the identity of the precursor through the Lashon HaQodesh is imminently the preamble with which the way will be prepared.

As the preamble to the great Yom יהוה, it has been prophesied to return to the eternal basis of the Qadosh language, to Yahoshua himself as Alef-Tav , then the Ruach of Eliyahu finally will take control as a means of confrontation to a system that eventually for centuries has been breaking apart the people of the eternal element of restoration; the ancient way.

Then the spirit of Elijah (Eliyahu ruach) as is prophesied will have to come and restore all things as a prerequisite to the coming of Mashiakj as stipulated in the scriptures in Acts 3:20 -21. The specific role of Eliyahu as prophet is to make the people back to Torah and away from any contamination idolatrous as what it happened with Yisrael during the reign of Acab, the confrontation against a pagan system will take place contemporaneously to cause a disturbed people as the house of Yisrael returns to the commandments of יהוה and desists to follow man made commandments, according to the prophetic shadow that the story of Eliyahu and the false prophets of Baal represents.

Acab [H256 אַחְאָב Akjab; of H251 and H1; brother] [i.e., friend of (your) father] is the representation of a system that apparently have some connection with the eternal Father, but without any direct link to him. The Hebrew word אַח Ach! Ay; an exclamation of penalty; also connected to the root that means extended אחח cries or screams of pain evidently before the Father. Jezebel אִיזֶבֶל Izebel H348 H336 and H2083; caste; Izebel, wife of Ahab:- Jezebel. Literally means Baal is the husband and consists of two words אִי equivalent to a negative adverb indicating that what is said is incorrect or false, and the word זֶבֶל which means honor or glorify, similarly to the root H335 אַי ai; where?, which (path), what; would seem to indicate the insecurity of the ignorance to which path to take, this as a reference to a human religious system that is contrary to the exaltation of the Father through his Word. Jezebel is everything that exalts itself and rejects the Dabar promised as a means of restoration, which is why these two characters become enemies to the restoration foreseen through the prophet; it is expected that the confrontation between a system that has is pagan against one qadosh that has been established from eternity itself should be seen as part of the final restoration.


The same prayer of the prophet seems to be a preface to what shall happen in preparation for the coming of the redemptive Mashiajk; “you turn their hearts back again” 1 R 18.37. Again the functionality of the Hebrew in the scripture understanding highlights its relevance, when we look at the light of this part of Scripture the royal seal of Alef-Tav , as a reminder to return again to the foundation stone of his Torah.

Answer me, O יהוה, answer me, that this people may know that you, O  יהוה, are Elohim, and that you have turned את their hearts back.”

1 R 18.37

The Hebrew word H5437 סָבַב Sabab”used in multiple applications, literally, and figuratively as: walk around, place a wall, move aside; it is here used in conjunction with את as an imminent reminder to his people to come back to the Qadosh language, vector of the restoration and preparation of his own. It is not needless to say, that the same warning is predicted by the prophet Malachi as a result of the dispatch of the prophetic spirit of Eliyahu; then it will return the heart of the fathers to the children and vice versa, through the same element of  restoration. Mal 4.6

The spirit of prophecy (the ruach יהוה) aims to change the hearts of all those who have broken the seal of the book (sealed through the את, according to the book of Daniel) to be able to get to the depth of the message expressed in him. When the ruach יהוה, also meaning the ruach of Eliyahu comes with power men shall prophesy (Jl 2.28), but more significant will be changed to another man. The Hebrew אַחֵר akjer H312 H309; after; generally following, another. Without a doubt that restoration’s goal does not have as an argument a religious or doctrinal system as such, but it does have the supreme goal of transforming us to the image of the stature of the perfect man; ” until all come in the unity of the emunáh, and full knowledge of the Son of יהוה, to the condition of a mature man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Mashiajk; for that we are no longer children, buffeted by the waves and brought here and there by every wind of doctrine, by the cunning of men, by misleading error; (Efe 4:13-14)

Then the Ruach  יהוה will rush upon you, and you will prophesy with them and be turned into another man [אַחֵר akjer H312 H309; itself later; usually following another]man.

1 S 10.6

We must not lose the perspective of what the prophetic restoration aims to, has to be by means of the prophecy that an entire people will be lifted in the last days, when the eternal Dabar of יהוה  is over them “as prophesied”, when he makes the Ruach Eliyahu come into his own which shall give life. Everything that is related to the guidance of his people through prophecy does not correspond to the final destination, but that is the reference point toward the culmination of the perfect plan to which the Creator wants to take us.

Retaking some prophetic arguments for these last times we realize the imperative need not only for their own understanding of their guidelines but to be able to be part of the same, as a reference to our own integration into the prophetic plan as the culminating objective. The navi Yehzekel announces in advance the importance of being able to be part of the final prophetic integration, which has as its primary objective the restoration of an entire people whom he calls Yisrael.

Then he told me, “Prophesy to these bones and say: “dry bones, hear the Dabar of יהוה.

” Thus says יהוה Adonay to these bones: ‘Behold, I will enter you Ruach, and you shall live.

‘AND i will make tendons on you, i will grow meat upon you, I’ll cover of skin and put ruach in you, and you shall live; and you shall know that i am יהוה.'”

Ez 37:4-6

Again the ordinance that precedes the restoration of the Qadosh people shall be sent on them by way of prophecy as the element of rehabilitation of the personality of a people that has been immersed for a long time in an identity crisis. Certainly the day is ahead of us when the prophecy is being fulfilled and crowds in the valley of decision are returning to the ancient foundation. Let’s take a brief look at this text: The word tendons גִּיד guid H1517 H1413 גָּדַד gadad primary root [Compare with H1464]; join together with company. The word flesh H1320 בָּשָׂר Basar of H1319; flesh; H1319 בָּשַׂר primary root base; itself be fresh, i.e. full (pinkish, (figuratively) joyful); announce, (good news) :- good tidings, (announce, give, take, preach, publish, bring) good news, messenger, preach, publish; from the same root of the word בשורת Besorat that means good news of the kingdom. The word skin עוֹר H5785 Or H5783; skin (such as naked); leather, skin: as the Hebrew word for light אוֹר Or could give us an important connection with the garments of light of the first Adam in the garden.

Finally, the bones will be united as one unit, shall be coated with its Dabar, illuminated with a protective cuticle of light; the word cover in this text particularly is [H7159  קָרַם caram primary root; cover:- to cover.] of the same Hebrew root H7121 קָרָא face primary root ; call out for (i.e. call by name. As part of the final process of restoration of his people, the importance of integrating this component of bilateral manner is evident. We have been given the revelation of the name to be called upon; Jer 33.3 , Jl 2.32 , Rm 10.13 . In the same way that a name has been given, for the identity of a people.

But now thus says יהוה , he who created you, O Yaakob, he who formed you, O Yisrael: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.

Isa 43:1