Secrets of the Alef-Bet

Secrets of the Alef-Bet!


I. Our journey will not be exhaustive as the depths of the Language can’t be plumbed any more than one can truly know the thoughts of YHVH. Is. 55:8 says it thus: For my thoughts [are] not your thoughts, neither [are] your ways my ways, saith the YHVH. *Note these Hebrew words:

  • Thoughts, #4284 machashabah, thought, device, plan or purpose. It is from the root #2803, Chasav, to think, devise, to invent. It connotes to weave together, as in the waistband/girdle of the High Priest used to bind the ephod to him. The ephod had attached to it, the breastplate of judgment, and contained within it, the Urim & Thummim and the breastplate stones representing the 12 tribes. The root of ephod comes from #639, eph, a masc. noun meaning nose, nostril, be extension the breath, or face. The written language becomes the tapestry upon which the thoughts of YHVH are conveyed allowing us to carry upon/within our bosom the Breath of Creation. Its value is 355, the same as sephirah – the word used to indicate the attributes of YHVH. It also is used to represent the totality of His righteousness! *Compare to Eph. 6 and the Breastplate of Righteousness! Interestingly, the words for the judgment stones  Urim & Thummim  begin with the letters Alef & Tav! The concept of righteousness and judgment or justice can be seen in the singular Hebrew word – #6664, Tzedeq.

Therefore, the written language is able to convey the thoughts and expressions emanating from the breath/mouth of YHVH and represents the sum of His Righteousness and His judgment in their expression!

There are 22 Hebrew letters. This number TWENTY TWO is the number that is connected with LIGHT. There were TWENTY-TWO bowls to hold oil in the candlestick in the Tabernacle. There were THREE branches on each side of the shaft of the candlestick. Each branch had three bowls. This makes six branches, with EIGHTEEN bowls. In the candlestick itself (the shaft) were FOUR bowls. Exodus 25:31-34. This is a total of TWENTY-TWO bowls serving the SEVEN lamps. The purpose of the candlestick with its lamps was to give light. The Sages teach the 22-letters are the building blocks of creation each a spark of the Divine Light first spoken in Gen. 1:3, And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

It is this Light, slowed down and formed into sounds that became the Living Word  Messiah  made flesh in the earth. This word became the Light/Life of men  blood is the light/life of the flesh!

Here is where it gets entertaining! There are 23 Hebrew letters in this verse. It is a well-established fact that each human has two sets of 23 chromosomes from their parents for a total of 46. 23 each from their mother and 23 from their father. There are 22 pairs of autosomes which determine things such as our height, hair and eye color, etc. The 23rd pair is the sex determinant pair. They consist of either X or Y chromosomes. The mother only has X chromosomes. The father has both X and Y chromosomes.

If the sex-determinant pair is matched XX, the child is a female. If XY, the child is a male. Thus we see that the single chromosome provided by the father in this chromosome pair determines the gender of the child. In 1999, Ron Wyatt has a sample of blood tested in Israel purported to have come from a hidden cave containing the Ark of the Covenant with the blood of Yahshua on it. This sample only contained 24 chromosomes, 23 from the mother and 1 X chromosome from the Father to determine a male son, yet there are 22 missing chromosomes, indicating a virgin birth  no physical father! Where are the 22 chromosomes? The ALEF-BET! The Spoken Word made flesh in the earth, which when received into the womb of the mind by faith, has the power to produce a son in the image of YHVH! Ironically, 23 is the gematria of #2401, chata’ah, a feminine noun which can mean both sin and a sacrifice for sin! The 23 chromosomes of Mary the mother of Yahshua were tainted with sin and thus the Light of YHVH  His Word is interjected into her in order to become the sacrifice to redeem her. (Ps. 51:5). As if to identify Himself, each chromosome is in the shape of an X  the ancient symbol represented by the 22nd Hebrew letter, the Tav! Since the male carries both X & Y chromosomes and the letter Y is written as a Vav (a hook or connector) the significance is overwhelming! Yahshua the Vav-Man connects us to the Covenant  Tav! The Chromosomes contain the DNA particles!

If we look at the etymology of the word chromosome, we can see another facet of the Hebrew language. Chromo from Chroma infers color, hue (variations of the light spectrum) while, some is from soma, which means body! Is it possible that each of the missing 22 chromosomes and their respective Hebrew letters represent a different color of the spectrum and thus able to affect the physiological side of the Man? It is interesting that the primary colors of the Tabernacle, Blue, Purple, and Scarlet are consistent with the combinations of the color spectrum producing appealing and healing colors, which incidentally, are mentioned 26 times in Torah. 26 being the gematria of YHVH! We started our study with the mention of the breastplate which had the same colors of the Tabernacle, blue, purple, scarlet and one more, gold, #2091 zahab, gold, to shimmer in brilliance and splendor! Its root, the Zayin-Hey, forms the Hebrew word for Lamb, Zeh. The Bet means house. The Lamb of/for the House who will shimmer in glory and splendor! It is this One that we put on and within us: The Word  Alef-Tav.

Light is visible in colors, only after passing through a lens and being refracted. Our eyes serve as the lens that allows a specific color/LETTER to be seen! Yahshua is the Alef-Tav, all the colors of the spectrum. Hence, the reason He is able to say, If you’ve seen me (The Alef-Bet) you’ve seen the Father!