Special Letter of Thanks

We received this letter from one of our Mishpocha!

Greetings Beloved,

Was on my heart to share with those that have been so blessed, as to be able to sit at the studies, ministering and or counseling and Anointing of David and Brenda and Brittney, and previously, Manny and Ada;

Blessed to have known them from afar now for over years and listening to\ watching the messages and teachings that have been shared during that time, seemingly straight from The Throne Room of the Great I Am;

My journey thus far has taken me (as many now have also been on) from growing up in church and seeking only The Truth of Abba, and then going from there to non de- nominational, then to Messianic; and now mostly private home study and fellowship, private counseling, and online with Brenda and David …. and going to some of the Appointed Time gatherings, along with a orphan ministry that remain in contact with; often have been prompted by Ruach to give a message or word or a admonishment (not so fun) and most often for leadership first then the body:

So, i have seen and experienced a full spectrum of teachings and messages of the Word (or purported to be) and had continue communication with leadership of various ministries; With all sincerity i can say that Davids studies and messages, along with Brenda, Britney- always, i repeat, always, are not only lined with the Word but are confirmation in some if not all ways, on the same or part of same, message and studies, that i am either speaking, sharing privately with others, studying or hearing in my spirit, either during the previous week or same day, before hearing or knowing what they would be speaking about- huge confirmation, huge! Along with how he, they bring forth hidden nuggets and treasures from The Word and Ruach!

My hope is that those of you that are there with David and them, are pressing in and walking with Abba and receiving the same sort of confirmations , and Truth, and hear- ing beyond even theAnointed messages, teachings and nuggets so inspirationally brought forth and from Ruach and receiving the Truth and revelations from them to encourage and stir you to dig further and apply in your own lives and share these treasures with others on your paths;

Surely each of you must appreciate that you have been placed there with this Anointed shepard and ministry, as not only to receive the blessings, but also to be a blessing and good steward, and you not only give back, generously financially (those that are able); but also to support each of them in carrying the load and expanding the ministry-

that is really just expanding the love and Truth of the Word of The Great I Am and Thy Son;

Each of us can in some way do this, like stepping up and offering to help them with daily things or during Shabbat or Appointed times (even with preparations, clean up, cleaning- my guess is the list is endless , there is no lack of things to be done and if not

sure what to do, all have to do is ask and be available) knowing it frees them up for making more time for those with serious needs and for their own, along with allowing time necessary for entering in with Abba to hear from and bring forth the Message, The Word, The Manna to each of us, like we see Moshe did when going up to the Mountain, or Yohusha going into the wilderness;

and when serving, we are truly doing these things for and unto Abba out of our love and appreciation and gratefulness to Thee and to david and them;
However if when he returns from Mountain to share what was given, we choose to continue to walk in the worldly things and ways or for our selves… well you know how the story goes!

Brenda and David, make themselves available to each of you and others, 24/7, they intercede for all of you, as they have and continue to do for me for which i am abundantly greatfull,
and are giving out of the love in their hearts for Abba and Moschiac and for each

of you without any sort of regular compensation;

It is vitally important that they and Britney and other guest speakers and such, are fully supported (regularly with prayers, petitions, offerings, and practical support- assistance) by those receiving from them as set forth to do so in The Word- as they continue to freely bring you The Word and to minster and counsel and come to your aid and side as needed, they furnish the “Temple” \ House, they supply food and drink and Manna to nourish and equip the Body and The Kingdom;

they are truly living and walking The Word and being The Light and all in receipt of these things are surely blessed and highly favored and we ought not to take these things lightly!

Very few, if any of the leadership and or body (people of the different churches and such, i went to, would do this even part of the time and none all the time (that i or others at those places that attended, and spoke to about these things, experienced) and if when they did it was usually only for those that had big pocketbooks it seemed;

Surely each of you that are there with them, and or visited or know them or have received counseling or help from them realize what a blessing that is – and are happily and generously showing that appreciation and support regularly…
yet, when i see a email from them that is sharing that needs are not being met it grieves my soul and spirit and was prompted to share this with the body as had before and now received confirmation on it;

So would like to put forth a call- trumpet blast to action to each of you as kings and priests, to seek within and from Abba on how and what can do today and regularly= choose this day to support, encourage, them and the ministry and the Kingdom and show them appreciation;

Perhaps may wish to take a special offering at this time privately as a group among you all to give back to them right now, or call and see how you may be of assistance, send

notes of appreication and words of encouragement, offer to clean up before or after services, everyone pitch in and come together as the complete body not fragmented and dis connected- help those around you also when able, we know these things.. are we living them and walking them out?

Also, i just recently learned that david and brenda supply the food and set up etc., during services and Appointed Times, that is a big load that indeed was not the way it was in the Word- nor at places i attended- all pitched in and each would contribute, for oneg and even the churches, everyone would bring a dish, or drink or paper plates or such and often would have a sign up sheet for special occassions;

Would hope this is something that each of you will begin to do if not already doing so; i know for myself sometimes with limited funds or access – even if brought a jar of olives, often it was the one thing that no one else bought and it was appreciated- and we would make sure it was all kosher and healthy and all were fed and nourished; and what better time than during Yom Teruah- a time of action of proclamation and remeberance and repentence and reflection during the 10 days!

Hope that these words are received in and with love and not fall on death ears.. as much as would like to be there with all of you, until such time as a way is made, will watch and listen from a distance and send love and blessings to each of you…

with love and light of The Great I Am Abba and Yoshushua, kelly (” s w florida”)

Yirmeyahu. 3:15 I will give you shepherds after my own heart, and they will feed you with knowledge and understanding.