Special Prayer for Elul

Special Prayer

“Heavenly Father and my Righteous Judge, I thank you for the Blood of Yahshua HaMashiach that was poured out on my behalf and that speaks better things than that of Abel’s blood. Which now gives me access to the Heavenly Court Rooms of You my King, Righteous Judge and Advocate! Heavenly Abba Father, the foundation of Your Throne is Righteousness and Justice. So, I can call upon and depend upon You to do what is righteous and to give me justice and lawful protection according to Your Word and Your Name from all the encroachments of the adversary and all demonic entrapments. Heavenly Father, as I come close before You, stepping into Your Courtroom in the Heavenly Places and Heavenly Chambers, I thank You as You’re able to deliver me and You shall deliver me and all my children tonight. Heavenly Father as I stand before You and Your Holiness, I give up all my rights of self- representation in Your Courts. Instead, I am asking Yahshua HaMashiach my Advocate according to 1 John 2:1-2; The Master Yahshua HaMashiach to advocate for my deliverance, my release, my freedom from any and all evil altars known and unknown in the bloodline that the enemy has been given access through and has been using to launch satanic and demonic attacks against my life and my Kingdom destiny. Every evil altar that has become an encroachment to my ability, Master Yahuwah, to advance The Kingdom, I am asking for this Heavenly Court to give me a judgment of release from having to be an attendant, especially an unwilling attendant, to these evil altars that Satan planted in my bloodline by deceiving my forefathers who agreed with Satan just as the first woman agreed with the Nachash – Serpent in the Garden. And Satan used that same agreement as the legal right to build an evil altar that he has been using to come in and out of my bloodline as a soul trafficker. Heavenly Abba Father, as I stand before You at this present moment in time and in the Spirit, Master Yahuwah, I now subpoena by the Authority of the Name of Yahshua Ha’Mashiach Your Son and my Advocate; every evil altar in my bloodline that has been forcing me to attend to rituals of behavior that have been passed down through my bloodline. So, I am asking Master Yahuwah for the Courts of Heaven to give me a bill of divorcement to any evil altar that has been in my bloodline. I ask this Court to annul and disavow these satanic contracts that were drawn up by the demonic realm in my bloodline and any evil altar that is claiming me or my children in the realm of the Spirit as attendants to them. In the Name of Yahshua HaMashiach my Deliverer and Redeemer. I receive now my release from these evil altars that once made claim to my bloodline and renounce all attachments to these powers and principalities. I am asking Master Yahuwah that this bill of divorcement will be released, separating me and my children permanently from being an attendant in any way to evil altars and all their demonic cycles and satanic appointed times of behavior in the Mighty Name of Yahshua HaMashiach! Amein.”

*Written by Shepherd John-James Flores of Remnant of Truth International