Ezekiel’s Wheel, Complete Set


This 5 part series explores Ezekiel’s vision which unlocks 
the key to end time prophecy. What did he see? A portal? 
A vehicle? A timepiece? This study unlocks the mysteries!

Journey with us into the book of Ezekiel as the
 secrets are unveiled! Ezekiel, a contemporary of 
Daniel, Esther, Ezra, Nehemiah, Zechariah, Joel, and 
Jeremiah… all faithful servants who were entrusted by
Yahweh to preserve and seal up some of the most 
powerful revelations ever known for just such a 
time as this! Are you ready?

Recorded live at Manna’s Shabbat service. Order the complete set now on DVD or choose instant MP3 Download.


Full teaching video along with notes available for livingmanna members.

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