Passover: Lighting the Menorah DVD


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Brand new teaching from Pastor David Mathews is now available on DVD!  Join us as we explore one of the most contentious points of the Hebrew Roots Community – the Calendar of Yahweh.  The Spring Festivals and their calculations for this year (2016) have been the most confusing we’ve yet to see!  How can this important point of our faith be so dividing and muddled?  Take a look with us through the lens of Passover to see a different perspective on what the Calendar of Yahweh is for and why we celebrate these feasts – let’s light the Menorah of His festivals as He sheds new light on His appointed times!

This DVD contains not only the footage of this teaching from our Shabbat service recorded live in Silverton, OR, but has also been edited and information added to enhance your viewing experience.  Now you can follow along with the Scriptures, and the Hebrew language as it appears on the screen, as well as see pictures that help convey this message.  You won’t find this video content anywhere else!  Upon purchase, you will also receive a free hard copy of the notes to follow along!


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