Solar Hydro Water Purification System – Backpack Model


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NEWLY STYLED BACKPACK MODEL:  Now with the more subtle, and sleek black backpack carrier.

By integrating advanced germicidal technologies, we have developed  the most portable and effective solar water purification system on the planet. The Hydro will take most any fresh water source and cleanse it to 99.9% purity. The results are immediate, and the purified water is ready, instantly, for immediate distribution and consumption.

The Hydro is compact, self contained, and can be backpacked anywhere in the world. It never needs an electrical grid, and can easily be recharged via solar. The Hydro is easily transported to the most remote village in South America, any campsite, retreat, hunting expedition, fresh water boat, disaster relief base, and all points in between.

Our products are developed and made in the U.S.A. using the most advanced germicidal and medical grade components.

System comes complete with:

  • HYDRO Water Purification System
  • Inlet hose with Stage 1 Strainer and connection
  • Purified water Outlet hose w/ connection
  • 12v dc power supply
  • 14 Watt Portable Folding Solar Array
  • Float Charger
  • Sediment and Active Carbon filters
  • 14 Watt Germicidal Lamp
  • Canister Wrench
  • User’s Manual

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