The Exodus Keys: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Great Tribulation


PRE-ORDER your copy now!  Books will be shipped as soon as finished at the publishers and printed. Based off the powerful Greater Exodus teachings series by Pastor David Mathews, this new work will lend insight to the Body giving us direction and understanding reserved for this season!


PRE-ORDER your copy now!  Books will be shipped as soon as finished at the publishers and printed.

There has never been a time in created history more pregnant with expectation than the season we currently live in! There are no historical records that give us a source from which to draw the necessary experience that would frame the world-wide impact of the panic driven events that effect our lives daily, such things as: A global cataclysmic pandemic that swept up the known world in its’ grasp within days of its’ first casualty! An international political furor pitting the established global governments against a citizenry whose furor has never been seen on such a universal scale! The sweeping tide of the latter exposed the agendas hidden throughout the centuries disclosing a comprehensive effort of an all-powerful and Elite Cabal whose end-goal is nothing short of mass genocidal extermination of those ‘useless bottom feeders’ deemed expendable by their machinations. The mean streets of the Nations have filled with riotous mobs bent on exercising a self-indulging, socialist scheme to defraud and neutralize any opposition from those who might exemplify a conservative, biblical worldview! The plot thickens daily, the entire global community one short tick from an exploding time bomb that will decimate entire countries in one fell swoop!

We have reached the brink of an intercontinental collapse that can only forecast one thing: Tribulation! From the scope of such ominous and foreboding details where do we go from here? What hope lies in our future? What happened to the Rapture of the Saints? Where can we turn for solace? What keys hold the knowledge and wisdom necessary in order to offer us an opportunity to unlock the chains of centuries of Religious lies, with their deliberately biased and ignorant mistranslations of the Ancient Biblical texts that were once thought our lifeline in such perilous times?

Take heart dear Reader! Hope is not lost! We do have a planned destiny that has been foretold and the blueprint has lain for generations in the dusty, catacombs of the Hebrew Texts! This book will open a new portal from which to view your future, you will be taken back to that ancient blueprint and the decoded future plans for those who will serve the King of Creation placed in your hands! This book is not for the faint-hearted, neither the lazy individual! You must rise above the herd mentality and take back your destiny! Are you prepared? If so, then…Unleash the Hounds!


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