The Seven Altar Thrones of Genesis 1:1


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Shrouded beneath the Mysteries of the Created Past, lay an enigma and revelation, which all Creation is bound together by.  There have been many Scriptural discussions regarding the depths and language of Genesis’ Creation account.  With all it entails, it has become an in-exhaustive discovery on Man’s attempt to no avail.  The Scriptures began with a connection and concludes with a connection.  The Authority cloaked in this correspondence was and is The Altar Throne of Dominion!  In this book, discover a riveting revelation regarding the first 7 Hebrew words of our Scriptures!


Inside the pages of The Seven Altar Thrones of Genesis 1:1 you will discover:

  • The Eternal realms before man and Lucifer’s fall
  • Everlasting Life vs. Eternal Life
  • The High Priest-King of Genesis 1:1
  • The Power of New Beginnings revealed from the Everlasting Ephod
  • The Altar Thrones
  • The Reason why Yahshua used parable language to reveal the Kingdom of Heaven
  • Yahshua who manifested the Kingdom by what He did
  • Every Creative miracle Yahshua did was the manifestation of one of the 7 Altar Thrones here on Earth
  • Why is Yahshua called the Last Adam?
  • The Leaven of the Kingdom Altars
  • Yahshua is the ‘Adomeh/Likeness and Resemblance
  • Demons are subject to the Power of the Altar King
  • The power of words spoken from the Altar become tangible when we come the Altar of Prayer

And so much more!  First published book by Shepherd John-James Flores of Remnant of Truth International!


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