Sukkot 2018 Blessings

We want to say a huge thank you to all who made Sukkot 2018 a success.  It was a phenomenal time, and the best yet!  So many hands (and minds) go into making an event like this happen.  We want to say a special thanks to all the speakers who took the time to hear a sent word from the Father to bless the Body.  It was a full week with special teachings, workshops, and other events!

Some of the firsts for us this year were a challah bread workshop enabling everyone to be a part and help make the Challah for our opening Shabbat blessings!

Another first was a game that we thought up based off of a scavenger style hunt with Bible Verses as clues…however we put our own spin on it!  Before the teams could receive their next clue, they had to first answer 5 questions by a Biblical character based at each stop.  Our characters were each given a unique spin, and each one had different consequences should our teams miss a question!  This year our round of characters (each with a script going along with their persona’s) included:

Daniel as the Circus Ring Master          Pharaoh as well Pharaoh of course!


Ruth advertising farmers!                                      Joseph painting his dreams as a Bob Ross inspired artist


Jonah as a protestor                                              Lot’s Wife as a Cooking Show Host                         Moses & Help as Travel Guides


Esther as a Pageant Beauty Queen                     Malchas as an Irish Gangster                                       Miriam as a Rock Star


We had a few other more elusive characters who we failed to get a picture of – such as Samson the Strongest Man (who claimed to be the best act of the circus much to the chagrin of Daniel the Ringmaster), Noah the Pirate, & King David the Drill Sergeant!  Needless to say it was a fun filled day for all and the teams learned to cooperate and work together while a good time was had for all!

In addition to this day, we held our second annual Battle of the Tribes Relay & Carnival Games Day!  It was a blast for the little ones to win prizes, and then the older “kids” got a chance to play and get some energy out too!  We added a couple new games and the teams were off to the finish!

But Sukkot for us is not just fun and games – even though it is the season of our Joy!!  We had awesome workshops where we learned Hebrew with Brenda Mathews, some important points on health and how our body is the Tabernacle with Karen McKenzie (CCHT, Natural Health Consultant), and amazing points dealing with the power of our smell and fragrance with Rivka Sari!  Youth night, Shabbat special worship led by Matthew Chavarria, Shabbat Mikveh, crochet class, marketplace….it’s hard to share it all!

We love the festival of Sukkot, and we love sharing it with all of our friends and family!  This year we had people come from Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Mississippi, Utah, & Hawaii!  It was a sweet time spent in the presence of our King!