As I write this open letter to extend a welcome to you; our nation and, quite frankly, our Hebrew Roots community are in dire straits. Both are succumbing to the same quickly spreading contagion – the devastation of the Marriage and Family structure. I don’t know any family who is not touched in some way by the effects of this one-two punch that has almost eradicated what once was the MOST POWERFUL FUNCTIONING UNIT in Creation – the Husband and Wife – and in just one short generation!
Here at Manna, we recognize the need for an immediate, aggressive and probably painful treatment that will be skewed by many as “antiquated” and perhaps it is. Nonetheless, the fact remains: It works!
What is it you ask?
Well, the answer is that many of us have touted a return to our Biblical Roots, including the Sabbath, Holy Convocations and especially a return to Torah and, yet have neglected to include the most basic foundation of life – The Marriage and Family structure!
We need marriages and families based on Biblical Scriptural principles and practices, especially, in regards to how they behave and interact with each other. We need them to truly follow the example of how to love and honor each other the way our Bridegroom does His Bride and she, in return, does so back to Him! The foundation needed to begin rebuilding is, of course, to FIRST surrender ourselves to the Creator YHWH as living sacrifices and broken vessels. Then, He will enable, empower and build us up as individuals, families, congregations, regions and as a nation. When we get this right within our homes and congregations, THEN Elohim will use us to IMPACT the world and build His Kingdom in astronomical proportions! Without this, we will NEVER survive the tribulation before us nor survive the wilderness upon our release from captivity and on our journey back to the Promised Land!
Therefore, our efforts for Sukkot 2016 [which just happens to be the Festival designed especially as the Wedding rehearsal] will be geared towards teaching and instructions that, prayerfully, will engage us all in a healthy dialogue, as we endeavor to take back this most sacred institution – Our Marriages!
We will also include teachings to help support healthy single living and for young people who seek to have a Biblical approach to modesty and how to obtain a betrothal and “marriage made in Heaven” wherein YHWH puts them together and “no man puts them asunder” with their future spouse.
Our goal is to provide ample proof that such restoration is possible, with guest speakers, teachers and families who are living examples of Biblical application and its’ miraculous, healing power in action. We want to provide a healing environment, a peaceful get-a-way, as well as, an exciting, fun-filled, family oriented reunion-like setting. Our endeavor for this Sukkot is to have it be remembered as the “honey-moon” event wherein each of us, husbands, wives, parents and children can exclaim, “This is where our MIRACLE occurred!”
This healing process must take place and NOW! Otherwise, the Greater Exodus and the much talked about reunion of Joseph and Judah will never occur. If we don’t get this basic foundation re-established then this generation, too, will die off in the Wilderness of Apathy. The choice is yours! As for me and my house, we will serve the YHWH!
This Sukkot promises to be the most powerful, healing event in our lifetime! You are needed to make it a success! However, this is one area that HaSatan will fight you as never before in order to keep you from attending! We implore you, don’t allow that to happen! Space is a premium, and we’re expecting hundreds from across the Nation to attend! Your spot, your marriage, your family – is waiting on you! Register Now – Just Do It! May Elohim make every provision for you and may you be determined to overcome the obstacles.
Our prayers and our team are here for you! Make this year’s Sukkot special!
David Mathews
Manna from Heaven Ministries

Special Workshops:

This year we will have special workshops throughout the week ministering to the different groups of the family structure!
Men’s Workshop – Come & be ministered to, prayed for, share with brothers of like mind and faith and walk away strengthened in your walk and role as the Priest of your household!
Pre-Teen to Young Adult Ladies – Special Presentation by Brittney Scott of Manna from Heaven Ministries to encourage the young ladies concerning what it means to walk in purity, holiness, and to learn who we are in Yahweh, we must first define ourselves through Him before we can ever learn to function in all the other roles He has for us!
Pre-Teen to Young Adult Gentlemen – Special Presentation by General Cameron Crawford (Retired Army Brigadier General) – allow your young men to come and be taught and trained regarding what it means to be righteous man, walking uprightly in the Torah, how to be a respectful leader and set the example!
This is only a taste of what Jubilee Sukkot 2016 will have to offer!  Don’t miss out on your miracle!
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