Jubilee Sukkot 2020

Friday, October 2 – Friday, October 9
Camp Tadmor Lebanon, Oregon

Shalom Torah Fans! I trust that this season has renewed your faith in our King and that you and yours are preparing for a harvest of Souls and the maturation of those who are already part of the House! If so, then we want to encourage you and to remind you that we are here for you! This is indeed a powerful transformational opportunity! Where will you be found and what will you be found doing?

We, here at Remnant of Truth International and Manna from Heaven are so excited and our efforts are focused on the task assigned us! That being said we publicly underscore our joint commitment and our unified purpose as we raise the Standard of Excellence that is Torah in our collective families and extended Mishpocha!

Though there may be some concerns regarding the future, we want to assure you that our goals include celebrating the Festival of Sukkot with you and as we gather from the 4-corners of the Nation this season of isolation will have birthed a new resolve in the hearts of each of us! We trust the King and are stepping out in that Trust by opening registration for Sukkot and putting our joint resources toward that endeavor! We have never been more passionate and we have so many things that we want to share with you!

Abba has been downloading so much revelation and insight that we are humbled beyond measure! He has brought clarity, strengthened our allegiance, and knitted the hearts of the House of Flores and the MannaCrew into One New Man! Therefore, we would like to share with you the theme for this Fall Sukkot Celebration – wait for it, wait for it…

The Year of Vision!

Indeed! Sukkot is the climatic culmination of a Season of Vision and we look forward to sharing this intimate, YHVH instructed, period of separation and sanctification to help equip each of us for what is surely coming!

Stay tuned, Stay focused and above all – Stay connected to our King!

Registration Info

In order to best accommodate all those who would like to attend, we have several different options as far as registration! We have the full time rates covering the entire Sukkot celebration for adults (16 years old and up) and for children (4 – 15 years old), children 3 and under are free, Weekend rates (for the first Friday-Sunday), or Single night rates (for Sunday-Thursday single night stays). Camp Tadmor also provides catered kosher meals for the entire week (Brunch & Dinner), and we are happy to provide several options regarding meal tickets, with both adult and child rates. There is also a large selection of lodging options ranging from tent sites, to cabins, to yurts, to RV sites, and the price is for the entire week to book the lodging! If you have any questions regarding registration options, please contact us!

To view pictures of the campground and access more information regarding Camp Tadmor, visit their website! Camp Tadmor

Online Registration

Please Note: If you don’t see options on the form below that you previously saw, it means that we sold out of that option.

Manual Registration

If you would like to download the manual registration form, we also have a payment plan option, but if you like to register online and pay in full, please fill out the form above! Details are listed in the registration packet available below.