Take me down the narrow path, beyond where my flesh is wont again.
Past the forks and crooked places where I cavorted way back then.
There upon The Pasts’ familiar road – a path still littered with my sin.
Strode specters who spoke of crueler times, where I’d sacrificed my friends…

There I lay upon his lustful Altar, and embraced this god of carnal glee,
Where Self in exchange for my future – promised, I would become like He.
How long lay I, pining, longing – in the balance, no one to ransom me;
Only 30 coins of silver? – While down swooped the Fowls –to feast on me.

Now at the End of My Life, a cast away, thrown disregarded and unpleasing,
I gnawed away at my bonds constraints, my mind unfettered by sound reason.
In agony thought my tainted heart – perhaps the Tyrant be appeasing?
Yet, this cruel god gaped its yawning mouth while upon my flesh still feeding,

“A bargain struck, your soul to pay” quote the bloody, fiendish beast!
And shook his brutish head in a snarling grin as if to mark – conversation ceased.
Yet, fleeting upon his brow I saw it, (terrible furrows scarred and creased)!
Out of his bowels confirming, a shuddered howl “Twas One who was released!”

A Flicker of faint hope stirred from deep within my calloused, hardened soul
Scriptures that I’d long ignored, caused me to recollect – of another’s fleshly toll!
Emboldened by the faintest hope, in humble repentance – eternity became my goal!
A strength inside convicting me, bruised and bleeding – I broke the Taskmaster’s hold!

By Pastor David Mathews