Tetzaveh by Pastor David Mathews

You Shall Command.

Exodus 27:20–30:10.

I.       The Parsha begins with YHVH giving instructions to Moshe re: the provision of olive oil for the Menorah. This perpetual Light becomes the central focus as we begin our study. Let’s start with the oil:

  • Pure, #2134, זָךְ Zak, translated, clean or pure. It is used figuratively to refer to the soul. Its gematria (27) forces me to slow down and look closer, because it is the same as #2420, chiydah, an enigma or puzzle. In fact, the origin of Zak hints at being guiltless, to attain, deserve, to be declared innocent, and to be granted a right or title. This is important as the Oil represents the Seed-source for the light. Incidentally, the letter Zayin also hints at Zera – Seed, while the Kaf indicates the hand or sole of the foot: Authority or title. As a side note, the 27th word of Torah is Light – אוֹר ‘owr. If you count hyphenated words then it is אֶת־הָאֹור Alef-Tav, the Light! Incidentally, the gematria of owr = 207 (27). Oh, and what chapter begins this Parsha? 27! To add further emphasis, the Zayin-Kaf root is most often seen with words that imply to mark for remembrance, to be male! 
  • Oil, #8081, שֶׁמֶן shemen, rendered fat, oil, to be fertile. The Shin-Mem root – Shem, indicates the name or Character – DNA. The Nun indicates life. To act of being ‘Shemened’ – oiled – hints at the anointing or conveyance of the entire NAME and what it embodies upon an individual. Its gematria – 390 – connects us to the years of exile and subsequent return of Israel as well as, the phrase ‘Tohu va’bohu’, waste and desolate, found in Gen. 1:2. It would seem the connection to 390 and the above phrase hints at the attempt to compromise the Seed-Oil-Light that results in rebellion.
  • Olive, #2132, זַיִת zayith, olive, olive tree. If we break the letters apart, the Zayin is depicted as a weapon, but it can hint at engraving, etching, and a stylus for writing. The Yod means hand, while the Tav means Covenant. We can translate it: To write with the hand – the Covenant! It has a rather unique gematria – 417, the same as #2272, חֲבַרְבֻּרוֹת Chabarburah, spot, and stripe. The root of this word is the same as that of Is. 53: 5, to wound, stripe, join together, it refers to physical proximity, to heap up (words). The stripes upon Yahshua’s back were the physical marks of the Torah written with a bloody stylus upon the scroll of His back! It is this Back Parts – which Moshe is shown in Ex. 33.
  • Beaten, #3795, כָּתִית kathiyth, beaten out, pounded fine. It is from the root #3807, Kathath, כָּתַת, to beat in pieces, to break. It is used to indicate castration by bruising the testicles. Lev. 21: 20, 22:24. What does this have to do with the Menorah? If you study Torah it is evident Yahshua is also stoned while upon the Stake, the missiles hurled at both head and groin!
  • Light, #3974, מָאוֹר ma’owr, a light, luminary. The prefixed ‘Mem’ indicates its light comes from The Light.
  • Lamp, #5216, נִיר niyr, lamp, it is used figuratively of progeny – seed. It can also imply to break up or plow a furrow.
  • Burn, #5927, עָלָה `alah, to go up, to ascend.
  • Always, #8548, תָּמִיד tamiyd, it means continuity or perpetuity. 

It is apparent the Menorah literally represents the “Lamp or Light of YHVH” I.E. the Messiah. It was one of two pieces of furniture within the Holy Place: the 2nd being the Table of Shewbread, which the Menorah illuminated. This 7-Branched Lamp is first seen in Gen. 1:1:

The Oil represents the Seed – Light – Word of YHVH, which is pure, guiltless and declared innocent. He will be placed in an undefiled vessel – Lamp, whose DNA will be written in the pages of Torah. He will be beaten, pounded fine; the enemy will attempt to destroy His seed, cutting off the Name. Yet the Light will plow the earth planting a Seed who will arise for all eternity! 

Zech. 4: 6 identifies this Future Tabernacle Menorah as “The Word of YHVH” – דְּבַר־יְהוָה. Quite literally; the Menorah was to be the Light Bearer or Word Bearer! It is this VESSEL – PERSON who is responsible for introducing YHVH’s light – seed into the earth. *Note Ex. 37:17 the Menorah is made of one solid piece of beaten work; not from a combination of pieces or materials. Why? 

  • Beaten, #4749, מִקְשָׁה miqshah, the idea of a finely decorated work that is related to the twisting or braiding of the hair. The prefixed ‘Mem’ represents the womb. Now, if we add the connection to hair, Shin-Ayin-Resh, #8181, se`ar and its related words which convey; to calculate, to become aware, a gate or entrance. Then the puzzle becomes visible: The Menorah was, like Adam & Yahshua, formed by the hand of YHVH in the womb of Torah and would become the gateway for His seed into the earth. The idea of a solid piece seems to hint that Satan – The Serpent understood this gateway and attempted to co-mingle the “pieces”, in order to usurp this gateway! 

It should come as no surprise then that the gematria of miqshah – 445 – is the same as #2120, זֹחֶלֶת Zocheleth, this is a boundary stone where Adonijah, (YHVH is my Master) the 4th son of David attempts to usurp the throne from Solomon. (1Kings 1: 9) Ironically, the word Zocheleth means ‘SNAKE STONE’ or the birthing stool of the serpent! Further clarity comes via the subtle introduction of the serpents’ seed: this is revealed in the word used for branch in Ex. 37:17, #7070, קָנֶה qaneh, a reed, balance, branch or rod. From Qanah, to buy, acquire, create, possess. This is why EVE names her 1st son – Cain, the Seed of the Serpent! 

Is it possible the construction of the Menorah serves as a reminder to Israel of the pattern of Creation, the intent to create man in His image, intricately weaving His DNA in a fleshly form which would then be ‘fruitful and multiply and replenish, subdue and have dominion’, becoming the vessel of choice for the Seed of YHVH in the earth? 

Aarons’ Connection: 

II.      Ex. 27:21b Aaron and his sons shall order it from evening to morning before the LORD: 

It would seem the task is more than just physically keeping a fire going. What is the spiritual implication? Let’s see if we can find out. 

  • Order, #6186, עָרַךְ `arak, to arrange, ordain, to set forth (as in a legal case). To furnish. It refers to the orderly construction of a body or its frame. It can also imply something like or equal to someone else. Hmmm? Its gematria equals 290, the same as #4813, מִרְיָם Miryam, the name of Yahshua’s mother the one charged with caring for the forming of His body and the vehicle through whom the legal precedent of – YHVH’s seed deposited in a fleshly body, the Word who tabernacles with us – is established! She declares she knows no man. Indicating there is no other construction material to build this Menorah! She conceives and carries the light! 

Is it possible that Aaron, #175, אַהֲרוֹן, functions in much the same way, as caretaker of the Flame?

His name is translated “light bringer”, but the Hey-Resh-Vav-Nun forms #2032, הֵרָיוֹן herown, represents physical conception, pregnancy. The Alef prefix can imply ‘I will’. Is Aaron fulfilling the role of Bride/Mother who upon approaching the Lamp engages in the act of conception? This word herown is only 3 times in the Tanach. Gen. 3:16, Ruth 4:13 Hosea 9:11. The most familiar being Ruth, #7468, רְעוּת, ra`uwth, a compound word literally meaning “mate of the shepherd”. She is wife of Boaz, the ‘Strong One who comes’. Bet-Ayin-Zayin. The House/Bride who sees/wombs the seed! Ironically, the gematria of Miryam = 290, while the value of Aaron is 262. The difference is 28. Remember the first verse of Torah – Gen. 1:1 which has 28 letters depicting the MENORAH? 

It is intriguing to note the verse division here in Ex. 27 between verse 20 & 21; the sentence structure indicates no such break. It is the LAMP, #5216, ניר niyr, which is to be caused to burn always in the Tabernacle of the Congregation without the Vail…the wording here calls our attention to another “Light Bearer” – Lucifer – הֵילֵל heylel – who usurped authority. Is. 14: 13. For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: He is described as fallen, #5307, נָפַל naphal, fallen. It can also indicate an untimely birth or miscarriage – from heaven, #8064, שָׁמַיִם shamayim, the heavens as a covering. Also it has the same root as Shemen and the same gematria – 390. 

Ominously, the word `Arak, also has the two-letter root, Ayin-Resh, the same as the root of #5894, עִיר `iyr, meaning a Watcher – Fallen One. The letter Kaf, hints at authority, title deed. Thus, by arranging or keeping the Perpetual Light burning, Aaron is setting in motion a legal cause against the usurped authority and title deed of the Fallen One himself – The Serpent or Satan! 

The Priestly Generations:

III.             We next see in Ex. 28: 1 the names of Aaron and his sons. What does this order tell us?

  • Aaron, #175, אהרון ‘Aharown, Light Bearer. *Remember our definition above? I will cause you to conceive and bear children
  • Nadab, #5070, נדב Nadab, to incite willingly, however, the root stem, Nun – Dalet, is the same as Nod, the land of Cain. The Aleph – Bet means house. This infers he incited the house into wandering. It also is the root of Niddah, unclean.
  • Abihu, #30, אביהוא Avihuw, he is my father.
  • Eleazar, #499, אלעזר ‘El`azar, YHVH has helped.
  • Ithamar, #385, איתמר `Ithamar, though translated as ‘coast or isle of palms, an enhanced look at the root tells something else. The Aleph – Yod can mean island, but is better translated ‘a place sought for refuge, shelter’. The Mem – Resh, mar, means bitterness, rebellion. 

          These names imply; ‘The Light – Bearer will cause you to conceive and produce children who will wander in their uncleanness, My Father YHVH has helped, He is the place of refuge from bitterness and rebellion! 2Cor. 11: 14,15 

A hidden treasure in the names is revealed when we look at all the letters used to write their names. *Remember these men are charged with setting in order, guarding the Lamp. If we count the letters present (12) their individual gematria totals 785, the absent letters (10) those not accounted for, watched over, visibly seen have a total of 710. When we subtract them we’re left with 75, the gematria of #1966, הֵילֵל heylel, another name for Lucifer, also translated – ‘Light Bearer’. Though not accounted for in the picture, like Gen. 3 and Isaiah 14: 12 – 15 he subtly awaits. Let’s look at these absent letters: 

  1. 1.    Gimmel, to lift, to be proud.  3. Tet, the Serpent.   5. Mem, womb.
  2. 2.    Chet, the fenced off place.      4. Kaf, authority.      6. Samech, Sukkah.

9. Pey, mouth – words.            11. Qof, the head, the One who comes at the last.

10. Tzade, the righteous one.  12. Shin, to bite or consume.

 The Proud One, inside the garden the fenced off place, the Serpent will exalt his authority over the womb in the Sukkah – dwelling place. However, with His words the Righteous One, will destroy the Head of him at the last! Gen. 3: 15. Is. 14: 13. For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: 

*Authors’ Note: Many people have a difficult time with the numeric values contained in this teaching. Frankly, evidence is occurring daily that reveals the restoration of the veracity, not only of His language – Hebrew – but the numbers embedded within the text. We should be careful to dismiss anything without properly doing our own research. Manna From Heaven Ministries will help you should you desire further study in this area. I am providing a link in today’s Internet news that may be worth your time to read. http://www.wakingtimes.com/2014/02/05/the-love-frequency-528-hz/

 Shalom from the Manna House!