The Month of Av || Month of Blessings or Curses?

Entering into our Promises…

This Friday (July 29) we entered into the 5th month of the Hebrew calendar, the month of Av אב.  If you’re at all familiar with this month’s history, specifically in relation to the 9th day of Av, then you know it is a day and month whose track record isn’t the most pleasant.  Throughout history this month has been marked by destruction, devastation, and lost opportunities.  It is the season marking the grievous sin of the spies when Israel chooses to believe a negative report, thereby forfeiting their inheritance, and sealing the fate of an entire generation to fall in the wilderness due to their unbelief!  We fast forward and find that this day also marks the destruction of both the first and second temples, initiating the exile, and once again loss of the blessings and inheritance!

With this track record, how do we approach this month and season?  It is imperative to remember that every Hebrew word and concept always holds both a blessed aspect and a cursed!  The month of Av is the season of choices, specifically regarding accessing the promises and inheritance from the Father!  In fact Av is the Hebrew word for Father…and is etymologically connected to the term ‘ab for threshold as well!  This is the season where we are presented with the chance to cross over the threshold into the blessings and inheritance!

Yet with this threshold connection, we are reminded that every threshold is an altar/doorway/gateway!  This month, we choose what/who we covenant with, we choose as doorkeepers, and a nation of priests, what crosses this altar gateway.  Each generation before was presented with this same opportunity!  The building up or the devastation thereof is merely the fruit of that choice.

As we enter into this season of Av, we remember the promise of Ezekiel’s vision – the valley of dry bones, the bones of the exiles, the fruit of the decisions made by generations past.  Yet Yahweh declares that these bones will live again – breath will enter in to them, these bones will arise as a living Tabernacle fit to house the Presence  of the King.  This is your promise, inheritance, and blessing!  In the face of this promise, we find the enemy busy doing everything he can to bring destruction to this last living stones temple!  Yet we are reminded once again of the name Av – our Father is the ultimate authority who guards these promises, as well as our own responsibility to be one who guards the threshold!

May this be the month where we see the curses of Av reversed!  Where the generations before have rejected their inheritance, may this be the season we see a holy nation ignite with fiery passion, declaring Hineni – Send Me!