The Telling Recap

Words cannot begin to describe how amazing The Telling-Reliving the Passover event went! Over 200 people attended, to the point that the room would barely hold more! We counted over 12 different congregations represented, both Hebrew roots and christian! The presence of Yahweh was evident and the anointing was definitely upon all those involved. Not only did this presentation have an affect on the audience that was watching, but also the cast themselves, and the Red Lion staff who gathered in the halls to watch! Afterwards every single person had a good report and acknowledged that they were blessed by attending and knew this was something Yahweh had orchestrated. We believe this caused a big change in the Spirit realm concerning the community of Salem and that a bridge was built that had been neglected and in seemingly disrepair both between fellow hebrew roots congregations and the christian community. We believe this is only the beginning of what our Father plans to do! So we want to say a huge thank you to all those who participated and also for those who prayed and stood with us concerning this project!

The Telling Cast