The True Pastor

A Shepherd’s real measure is evident it seems,
In his ability to guide others in fulfilling their dreams.
Such work speaks much louder than any message he’s brought
Because the Yahshua filled sermons are preached in his walk.

So take your Pastor’s full measure, friend I challenge if you dare
Watch him, follow him – in the reality of hard times a carnal man’s not there.
Upon closer inspection, see as I have – this profound truth:
Pastor as you humbly served I saw the Messiah instead of you!

Friend, take a few moments and dutifully examine your own
Those selfless servants, the real Men who’ve faithfully shown.
That a Walk of True Unity, Scriptural integrity and family sacrifice
It’s not about himself – herself, a selfish agenda, or a monetary price…

Rather, it’s about the honor of serving the Servants of the King!
Mediating in the Holy Place – with the sacrifices they bring.
Their labor of love is the foundation built on which Torah Stands
True Pastors are a unique example of the Tabernacle Man!

By Pastor David Mathews