True Love

How often through the trials I’ve asked, “What of this love you’ve spoken”?
I’ve looked at it through tear-dimmed eyes and felt my heart get broken.
And yet it draws with an unseen force and compels me nearer still
Changing the desires of one’s own heart, unselfishly giving ‘till…

With revelation I understand what ‘True Love’ really means.
That the price of love is measured in giving – far more than it gains.
That love never quits & never gives in & never settles for less.
As it stretches forth one hand of hope and holds in the other – forgiveness.

And Love’s never cruel or ugly or blames, or ever has selfish intent
But moves with patience towards its desires always willing to commit
All that it has or ever will be – to prove that True Love never dies
And when faced with life’s worst test – it’s never more fully alive!

By Pastor David Mathews