Valley of Bones

I stepped into the valley that stretched as far as I could see:
And again, I felt His Presence, as He began to speak to me.
All time stood still around me, as the mountains shook and quaked
And I fell prostrate before Him – For I could not look upon His Face.

With waves of Glory and Splendor that flooded across the sky.
His Voice rose to a crescendo, “Son of Man you must prophesy!”
Upon my feet He placed me, as though by an unseen hand;
And there across the valley, were dry bones that filled the land.

Bones of every shape and sort, in battle scenes displayed.
And I knew no man had ever seen – what I would see this day.
My life is poured out before Him, as I await His will’
When again His Voice thunders, “Son of Man can these bones live?”

From the depths of my being, in a voice I’d scarcely know,
Full of boldness from His anointing; “what thou declares, let it be so!”
Then prophesy to these bones and command that they should stand,
And fulfill these words I’ve uttered – upon the earth, O Son of Man.’

In circumstance and situation unparalleled since time began,
I turned about to those bones, and declared that they should stand!
What lay before me has no man seen, as bone fell to bone in place.
And as I turned to Glorify Him – I realized I’d moved in haste.

For as yet only an army of bones did stand upon their feet.
And for now their life was far from them – my task only half complete.
Just as I anticipated – came that voice to decree again.
That I as His Prophet, His Voice, I should speak to the Winds.

And as these winds of life began to blow, I wondered could I bear it.
Something stirred from deep within and came out of my spirit.
With revelation I understood the impact of what I had witnessed.
And as breath came into those bones –They joined me to declare His Greatness!

The Army of Yah now stands so proudly on its feet!
While the Captain of the Hosts has claimed Victory from defeat!
And as we face our days ahead, giving life to those far gone.
Will we walk with together in Unity, or fall to lie in the Valley of Bones?

By Pastor David Mathews