Vital Ministry Update!

Dear Friends, several events have transpired within the last few days that has Manna From Heaven Ministries reassessing our vision here in Salem, Oregon. Let me begin by saying we are as confident as ever that Abba sent us here. We believe the Pacific Northwest is and will become even more, a ‘gathering place’ for those who are looking for Him and His Torah. For almost two years our focus has been on the work we were jointly involved in at Hebrew Nation Radio and their local assembly, Restoration Fellowship. Though our work has been fruitful and we’ve enjoyed the relationship, it has left our own ministry (Manna) in a difficult place. We have not been able to adequately take care of the needs of the vision given us for Manna simply because of being spread quite thin between the obligation to HNR and Restoration Fellowship. As a result, our financial well being is tenuous at best. We have not been receiving a salary from either HNR or RF and because of the confusion over where or whom to donate to, we’ve depended solely on other resources for support. With little to nothing coming in via the HNR or RF offerings.

Since we are responsible to YHVH as stewards, we feel we are best able to accomplish the vision given us, by separating Manna from the local congregation – Restoration Fellowship. We will reassess our presence at HNR and though we will not be working in an office there daily, we will attempt to maintain a presence on the radio if possible. Our hope is to be able to pay for at least 2-daily, 1-hour broadcasts instead of doing 4 days per week as in the past. The amount of work required to do a daily, live teaching program is tremendous though the logistics of setting up a studio office here at home should relieve that some. We are also looking at other options including Manna’s own radio program via our website: this is in production now. Additionally, we will continue to develop our t.v. ministry here and in Seattle, WA.

Our immediate plans will involve a Sabbath service here at our home for those who would like to join us and who would enjoy an in-depth, provocative look at Torah. We will work feverishly to produce some sort of live broadcast for those of you who are not local and wish to share with us.

I will keep you apprised as we develop each new phase as we get back on track with what Abba has for Manna From Heaven Ministries. Many of you may have questions and we will attempt to answer them as we progress. Please call or email me if you prefer: (228-324-3368) We will also post additional info via the website above and our Facebook page as well.

I love you and will continue to serve you as best as I can. These changes are not without much prayer, and thus, we are confident of the direction we’re headed. I pray you find it in your heart to stand with us and if you’re able – help us financially. We could sure use your help and of course, your prayers and friendship. Blessings to you all: