What to do in the face of Fukushima?

Dear Friends

Most of you have by now heard of the catastrophic results of the nuclear meltdown in Fukushima, Japan. The horrific potential of this disaster cannot be measured and already has achieved Biblical apocalyptic status. This is in spite of the lack of National Media coverage and the conspicuous absence of attention from medical and governmental sources leaves John Q. Public in dire consequences. How do we protect ourselves and secure our families and hope to maintain any semblance of normalcy in the face of what portends a slow, torturous, demise?


*Picture courtesy of www.secretsofthefed.com

Many of the Alternative Media on the other side are whipping the issue into a frenzy, forcing, by their reporting (which has been labeled as “conspiratorial” and propagandist fodder, by their counterparts in the National Media) has produced a sharp divide between opposing camps with absolutely no middle ground for those who haven’t the means or inclination to flee the area most affected at present, the Pacific Northwest! What do we do?

Most proponents of fleeing the Continental United States to escape this and other coming calamities, flaunt their Eschatological Prowess by emphatically declaring America as either Spiritual or Literal Babylon and destined for certain destruction, and thus to remain here, brands one as either spiritually deaf or stiff-necked in refusing to do so!

Well, here is my two-cent worth: Though I am convinced of impending judgment upon America (and the rest of the world) the safest place to be is where HE HAS you! This doesn’t mean we cannot or will not relocate, it just means we will move when the Ark moves! I am convinced of a soon coming, Greater Exodus – which will parallel that of Moses and Israel – though in magnitude, much greater. While history records their leaving on a specific date, as exactly foretold to Abraham, history also records a group who exited early and was annihilated by the Egyptians! You know what happened to those who were late. I am by no means attempting to assuage the potential catastrophic nature of these disasters, only to urge caution and encourage you to seek the Face of Abba for the insight you need to direct your family’s future and not to allow the circumstance to force you into a herd-mentality that very often leads to a stampede in the wrong direction.

In the interim, from a physical perspective, we can be in a preparatory mode, which requires educating ourselves regarding alternative methods to “conventional” treatments for such maladies as those borne out of Fukushima and other potential disasters. Learn edible and medicinal herbal alternatives and stock them up quickly. In fact, there are viable natural products proven in radiation therapies to have as good a result as Potassium Iodide without the cumulative detriment of long term use.

I will list a few and suggest you do as 2 Tim. 2: 15 says: Study to show yourself approved…

In the aftermath of the Chernobyl meltdown 5 grams of SPIRULINA for 45 days was used for radiation poisoning. Chlorella Algae also has radio-protective effects. Natural sources of sodium alginate found in seaweeds, especially kelp aids in binding radioactive strontium and eliminating it from the body. Pectin is also another effective means of protection when contaminated foods are eaten. Finally, Antioxidants and Sulfur compounds have a long history of use as an antidote for acute exposure to radioactive materials. One of the most accessible is the compound DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide) and can easily be found in many health food stores, farm and ranch supply locations, etc.


Neither time nor space allows for an exhaustive list here. However, as with any circumstance, you alone should be responsible for educating and preparing yourself and your family. I love you each and prayerfully, as we do what we can – He will do what we can’t! Above all Trust Him but, please, put your faith into action! Shalom, David