Write the Vision

Write the Vision and make it plain, Eden’s fruit will follow.
Redemptions’ Mission – a Genesis Man – touches only what I allow.
Then I will bring into My Presence – A Tree – to learn the very essence
Of the True Union of God with Man!

I will visit and will surely hasten
An eternal process that prunes and chastens
To bring to fruition seed I’ve chosen, sanctified invitation – Priestly Sons in motion.
Hear My Voice – From The Burning flame 
Come and Touch the Great I AM.

Yet, I will crush beneath my feet – Division, Strife, 
And those who create – With their words – a false messiah;
Whose poison tongue speaks of desire, a craven flesh set on fire? The Union of gods with man.
Hear My Voice this last time the Master who plants and prunes the Vine.
Etz Chayim – The Living One – The Set Apart – Eternal Son!
I Have Come For What is Mine – Carnal Fruit you’re out of time!

By Pastor David Mathews