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Restoration Merch Line

He's Restoring Me Tote

Inspired by our new Restoration Series- Bringing Life to the Body (Jeremiah 30:17).  

Now be reminded daily on your faith walk that the Father is restoring you in all ways!  What a wonderful way to share your faith and a personal reminder for yourself!

100% polyester, Black Vinyl Design

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$30 ($25 + $5 Shipping)

The Rainbow Language

Pastor David Mathews
For 2,000 years the the Creator’s Language lay dormant; for all intents and purposes considered a dead language, a by-word associated with the forlorn plight of a people without an identity.  Miraculously, following the pattern of the death, burial, and resurrection of the Messiah, this “Living Word” rises, made to live again on the third day, our day, to become the standard to which the People of the Book must return in order to seek out and identify their Deliverer!

$37 ($32 + $5 Shipping)

The 7 Altar Thrones of Genesis 1:1

Shepherd John-James Flores
Shrouded beneath the Mysteries of the Created Past, lay an enigma and revelation, which all Creation is bound together by.  There have been many Scriptural discussions regarding the depths and language of Genesis’ Creation account.  With all it entails, it has become an in-exhaustive discovery on Man’s attempt to no avail.  The Scriptures began with a connection and concludes with a connection.  The Authority cloaked in this correspondence was and is The Altar Throne of Dominion!  In this book, discover a riveting revelation regarding the first 7 Hebrew words of our Scriptures!

$30 ($25 + $5 Shipping)

The Serpent's Seed

Pastor David Mathews
This book will take you from the dawn of creation in Genesis in a step by step examination of the Serpent’s Seeds’ existence. Though the Powers That Be plausibly deny their presence, we will show you where the evidence can be found throughout the entire Bible while showing you the Where, When, How, Why and last but not least, the Who that is behind the insertion of that Monstrous DNA – the genetic mutation that is the Serpents’ Seed! My ardent prayer is that you receive this work in the spirit in which I attempted to present it. Unleash the Hounds!

The exodus keys: Unlocking the mysteries of the
great tribulation

Pastor David Mathews

$30 ($25 + $5 Shipping)

There has never been a time in created history more pregnant with expectation than the season we currently live in!  An international political furor pitting the established global governments against a citizenry whose furor has never been seen on such a universal scale! Take heart dear Reader! Hope is not lost! We do have a planned destiny that has been foretold and the blueprint has lain for generations in the dusty, catacombs of the Hebrew Texts! This book will open a new portal from which to view your future, you will be taken back to that ancient blueprint and the decoded future plans for those who will serve the King of Creation placed in your hands!

$30 ($25 + $5 Shipping)

Ezekiel's Wheel Within a Wheel

Pastor David Mathews
There is no other Prophet who has stood outside the framework of time like Ezekiel! His Visions and the descriptive view given them have been the source of speculation and hypothesis for centuries! There have been many eschatological works treating the book and the Prophet and many learned men have attempted to mine the depths of its’ revelation. Yet, for those of us who dared to peek inside its’ pages there remains to this day an unsolved mystery shrouding much of what is depicted.