School of Ministry

Shepherd John-James Flores || Remnant of Truth International

Join Shepherd John-James every Wednesday for a special livestream teaching specifically geared to edify and challenge you in your faith!  Delving into deep and even controversial topics to reveal the truth of the Word and how it should be applied to our lives as Believers!  Some of the past series and studies include the 12 Stones of the Melchizedek Altar, the Five Fold Ministry, Under the Law vs. the Law of Elohim.

We encourage the serious student to delve into these teachings and also consider joining the private Facebook group dedicated to the School of Ministry listeners!

School of Ministry Livestream

Wednesday 5PM PST
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special school of ministry passover live

March 22nd @ 5pm PST Shepherd John-James Flores will be sharing a special teaching on "Passover - The Frequency of Deliverance, Healing, & Freedom".